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Friday, 25 February 2011

ABOUT love

 today , i wanna share something about my life especially this is bout my life love . for me , yaa~ nya mmang sorg nok nice person pnah kue knl . but , one thing that i really hate bout him is he is to grumble . then , we in relationship just a few days . not a long lasting relationship rite?? . but , its sokey . maybe that a good way for him . pas sari mek 2 break , im view his profile then , ngga status nya dha married . ohh , shit ! . bulak laa mn kue mdh kue xfucking sad . senang jak nya mok dpat mpwan . but , yaa .  . nevermind . im cool . xpayah mok molah kecoh . just look around , many guy i can get better than him . tapi , kue bukan mpwan murahan oo senang2 jak mok dpt . i need boy that really love me for who i am and ikhlas kapel ngn aku . :') . ^^,

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