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Saturday, 31 December 2011



My determination on year 2012 is study smart , changed my weakness , try to make something different and lose my weight :D . Dear 2012 , please make this year way better to me .Be the year that makes me believe i manage  to stand back up with the strength to face a LIFE *quotes from someone* .

Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Alpha Start with G and End with E .Guess who?

Hi , wow its been aged im not update my blog isnt it? .miss me? .HAHA LOL .Okay ,so tonight i got something to share about .Ermm , the alpha start with G and end with alpha E .Guess who? .Well , maybe all of you wonder and blurring with my blog tittle arent you? .HAHA .Actually , it was Greyson Chance .HEHE :) .As u know , he was my idol and inspiration .Im fallen love with the PIANIST like him .I keep on listening his song and hell yeah i never get bored .Yesterday , my cousin send me a picture of Greyson through email .
So , there was it .Actually i got so many pictures of greyson's but dont worry next time i will publish all of his picture yahh ^^ .I like this picture so freaking much .Look at his face and his smile .He look so adorable .Omg , i just cant imagine if he sit infront me , talk to me , touch my hand and kiss my cheek LOL , what wrong with me HAHA .Im just searching for a boy that just like he .Great smile , joker , cute and can play piano .When i watched him on youtube , sometimes i realize how great he is .I cant stand when i saw his face and his cute laugher .Omg , only God knows everything what i feel toward him .For the short i just can say " im your biggest fan , i follow you until you love me " part of the lyric on Paparazzi song .Kindaly , i just wanna meet him and talk to him or i wanna be his manager , personal assistant or anything else .Haha LOL i know it funny but hell yeah i was dreaming about him when i be his manager .I hope the dream will come true .God willing me .EHE .Actually , there are many things i like about him and why i wanna marry a guy like him , but i got so many to do .Well , i have to finish my work first then , tommorrow night i will continue write about him again okay .BUBBYE . Love GC :) 

Thursday, 1 December 2011


Halu guys , what up? .Err , i cant sleep cause i keep thinking about GREYSON CHANCE .U know what , last night i was dreaming about Greyson .I know it such as Funny , awkward of stupid stuff to share about but , as u know blog is the place where i can share my story life .
Okay , i keep on looking at this picture and wish that one day i meet this boy .God willing me .He look like ordinary person with his face like that .Cute isnt it? .I like when he speak .His voices , his laugher , his jokes sometimes made me melt too much .I never get bored watch him on youtube moreover , i keep on repeating his video several times and i dont know what wrong with me sometimes HAHA .I got jealous when i saw he meet his fans LOL seriously im JEALOUS >.< .Well , he is a joker actually .Every video he got funny moment and yeahh sometimes i cant stand with his jokes LOL omg , i just can say that i fallin love with him .I like when he laugh oh shit why he's so cute .DAMN .Kindaly , omg im out off my mind just now .Seriously im being CRAZY of him ==' .Really really really fallin love with him .I love his song Unfriend you .Well , he look so cute there and mature .The girl in the video clip was very lucky coz she can hold Greyson hand but yeahh thanks GOD coz there no scene kissing HAHA LOL .I watch one of his video on youtube when he sneezes .LOL he look so cute when he sneezes omg ! .I watch it 7 times coz haiss he look so cute bahh .Adoi adoi @_@ .Oh sorry Justin Bieber i cheated on u HAHA .Well , u have Selena Gomez then , nothing wrong if i cheated on u yaa .HAHA >.< .I belong to Greyson Chance .LOL >.<  .Okay the first thing i like about Greyson is he can play piano .Everybody knows he can play piano very well isnt it? .He look so great when he sang a song Paparazi by lady gaga piano version .Well , so freaking much great .Some of  the guy dont likes to play a piano .hmm , make me dissapointed of that .But it okay then :) .Sometimes when i play piano at my grandmother's house , i imagine Greyson besides me and sing me song waiting outside the lines BAHAHAH LOL likes i said sometimes im out of my mind so dont amazed when im doing out of your mind .HAHA >.< . I still like korean guys like Yoseop , Junhyung , Seungie , Sunggyu they still in my heart but my heart prefer more to Greyson Chance .Before i sleep i just keep on pray i hope i can meet guy like Greyson Chance .The face look similar and can play piano too .Mun xdpt Greyson Chance sebena2 xpa tapi sally mok org yang sama muka mcm Greyson .Tapi tapi tapi , ada kahh org sama mcm muka Greyson Chance ? LOL >.< .That why i keep on praying hope in this world someone like Greyson appear in my life coz God all almighty .With God anything possible .So , today talk-a-thon about Greyson Chance .Some people ask me , around this week why i talk about someone else why not the "guy" i always told about haha lol okay kindaly , im tired to tell story about the person who doenst need me .Im tired all of that .Im tired love nothing being back .Im tired of always being there for everyone and never havin anyone to be there for me .It seem he's happy just now so , let him happy .and i think twice , why must i thinking about someone who doesnt thinking bout me so , i realize how stupid am i .I just wanna start with new life forget all the past .I just wanna forget all the pain i face before .Everyday, i look back in and think how far i have came thats what make me keep on going . So , I learnt from my mistake to like someone who truly like me but not like someone who doesnt like me . In the end of the year it was DECEMBER , i just wanna have a great days with my family and my friends .I dont want all my days in DECEMBER full of tears , hopeless , dissapointing or sad i dont want to waste my times with all of JERK things like before .Yahh , i promise .Life must go on :) .Okay lahh , i want to sleep ehh .Tomorrow wake up early hangout with Greyson Chance we have a date .He said he wanna give me a couple of ring HAHAHHAHAH .kuat perasan lah you sallyy .AHAHAHAH . im just kidding lorr .Okeh BUBBYER 
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