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Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Wow its been aged im not update my blog isn't it? .Well , im busy helping my friend doing their assigment  about all korean guys we searching for someone who look alike korean guys laa err , also known as ulzang laa for short .Kindaly , it fun i saw many people were send their picture through email and yeahh sometimes i cant stand when i saw their super duper cute faces HAHA LOL >.< .
So tonight im not going to tell about ulzzang but yeayyy it DECEMBER .Happy December for all and Merry Christmas sooner ehee ~ .My new song for my blog 'back to december by taylor swift' such as sweet song and i love it .Yea , accidentally i miss my friend TIMMY .Well i still remember when he sang me this song on 16 December 2010 my Aunty's wedding dinner .OMG , u know what i little bit touched and little bit shame LOL >.< i just cant believed it when he say like that and yeahh seriously i feel that i wanna laugh loudly and and deep inside my heart keep on telling ''what wrong with himX10++'' .But yeah , for me that was best moment for me in my life .Well , first time in my life guy sing for me .Im glad when he said im a special girl ..i really glad it .I just looking someone to say me imma  special girl .Always asking to myself am i a special girl? *keep on repeating it while looking at the mirror* and yeahh I GOT IT ! .And honestly i LOVE him as my friends .no more than that .I just wanna have a long lasting relationship with him not as a boyfriend but as a BESTFRIEND .*kalau jodoh takkan kemana , am i right?* .Yeahh that was truly right .We just can plan and GOD will determine all the things .Remember my word yaa , dont afraid , sadness or hopeless if we cant get who we want just remember that god is almighthy .I believe that one day we will meet our true love and ready to be bride/bridegroom and that call as marriage partner by God .No need to regret when we lost our relationship .Sometimes , because of love people can do anything out of mind and because of love people willing to kill them self .Haiss ~ .Sometimes i wonder what wrong with people just now .We have a brain to think but why still doing such as stupid things and out of mind .haiss haiss ==' .and yeaa i miss my friends alot especially timmy .What were he doing ohh? .Kinda , i miss him so freaking much .I miss his cute laughing .Sound like bicyle handbreak .HAHA LOL .I hope Timmy fine there .Just wait for him comeback from KL . Okay then .Its okay when u arrive at bintulu then i will sing u back to december HAHA >.< So guys , hope all of you enjoy the song and have a great day on DECEMBER yahh .Bubbye :) 


Thursday, 17 November 2011


Well , hello guys .Hows today .All gonna be fine? .me? .IM FINE but i catch a fever cause main hujan petang tek .ehe ~ Okay .while im boring , i will spend my time to readi .Well , i like reading actually .Whatever kind of book at surely enjoy laa .And today i read book that i dont know what it name cause the cover wrote in JAPAN language .I cant understand it .==' .But i like it .The book tell how couple look alike .Yeah , im not boring read this book sebab nya pun cerita in dialog baa .Besst .So , i wanna share something lah what i read about .And hope all of u will enjoy it .Kinda ~ i like this story coz macam switt ajak ehh .HUHUHU >.<


BOY : I need someone to talk to ..
GIRL :Yeah , im always here for you ..
BOY : I know ..
GIRL : What wrong? ..
BOY :  I like her sooooo muchh ..
GIRL : Talk to her ..
BOY : I dont know , she will never like me ..
GIRL : Dont say that .You are amazing ..
BOY : I just wanna tell her how i feel ..
GIRL : Then tell her ..
BOY : She won't like me ..
GIRL : Well , just tell her ..
BOY : What should i say? ..
GIRL : Tell her how much you like her ..
BOY : I tell her that daily .
GIRL : What do you mean? ..
BOY : Im always with her .I love her ..
GIRL : I know how you feel .I have the same problem .But he will never like me ..
BOY : Wait .WHO DO you like? ..
GIRL : Ohh , some boy ..
BOY : Owwh , she wont like me either .
GIRL : She does .
BOY : How do you know? .
GIRL : Because who wouldn't like you? .
BOY : YOU ..
GIRL :  You are wrong .I love you .
BOY : I love you too .
GIRL : So,,,are you going to tell her?
BOY : I just did it ! <3 


GIRL : We're bestfriend, right? ..
BOY : Yes , of course ..
GIRL : So be honest with me , who do you like? ..
BOY : No one .I love someone .
GIRL : Oh , she must be very lucky ..
BOY : Definitely , I've loved her ever since i met her
GIRL : Really? Well , since we're bestfriend , i wanna meet her .Go call her .
BOY : Oh okay *and boy takes out his phone, dials her number and phones her*.
GIRL : Wait ,hold on I think I'm getting a call .*answer the phone*
BOY : I LOVE YOU <3 .. 


A girl asked her boyfriend
GF : Why do you love me?
BF : I have no reason ..
GF : No .Give me a reason ..
BF : Ohkay ,'Coz you're beautiful, caring n attractive ..

*Girl was satisfied,
Then one day she got sick and loook terribly thin, pale and weak ..

GF : Do you still love me? ..
BF : Now that you're not pretty and attractive do i have a reason to love love you?. .

Girl cried ..
The boy hold her hand and say ..

BF : Now you understand? .

"Love doesn't need reason.
I love You and still love you no matter what Happen . 

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Well , 16.11 , today was my BIRTHDAY .So , my bunny rabbit cake .Hmm yummy delicious :) .Okay , today alot of PRESENT i got from my friends , cousin and family .Kinda , all of the stuffs was great and EXPENSIVE one .Oh , im so appreciate it .Yaa ~ have a nice day with them but i dont know why i feel a little bit DOWN .Maybe , i feel that i have been ignoring again ,maybe laa .Wondering if the person i thinking about is thinking about me too? .Today was my great days but why i must be sad .Suddenly i feel so sad .haiss ~ I AM SO SUCKS !Maybe i still remember what my sister gonna told me .Last night , me with my sister talked ABOUT GUY .Well ~ kinda we're such as boring and before we take a naped we talked lahh about guys .So , i told her about someone that i like .Well , she give me her opinion .She said that if we like someone yeah tell them .Dont keep it longly .And i say to her i already tell them that i like him but nothing change pun but moreover i have been ignoring adalah .ALWAYS .and my sister said "sometimes ,guys are not same ,some part of them shy to express their feelin and they waiting a girl first to say i love , would u like to be my bf , i like you and so on but some part of them gentlemen directly they will invite us to be his gf , so i think lil sis , the person that u like just now maybe he's SHY boy maybe he waiting for you to say that word " .LOL .I hope what my sister told to me that was TRUE if im the one that he waiting for .But IMPOSSIBLE lahh .Well , i feel AWKWARD if im the first one who start all the things .I LIKE GENTLEMEN .cause its NORMAL if GUY first who ask a favor like "would u like to be my gf?" well , that was a true man actually .For my opinoin laa maybe the others girl have different opinion but my opinoin is , if  im the one who ask someone to be my boyfriend ,kinda ~ i feel that my PRIDE drop ehh .Yaa , memang xslah mun kta mok seseorg ya jd gerek kita BUT kta sbagai perempuan just dpt tunggu lakie ya dolok pdh and mun kta suka kt org ya its better if we say that we like them first .At least one by one we give them clue that we want them  ,well that was what i feel just now waiting one word ehe ~ that is my opinoin lahh am i right? .hee ~ .And last night kuat alu jak Sally berangan ehh .LOL .And my sister ask me "did he ever call u" and sally padah xpenah alu nya call Sally tapi texts ada laa .Ya pun sometimes .My sister want me to call him .Haiss ~ gilaa kaa .Xmok sally malu arrr .Da gik perempuan call lakie .ishhh ~ xmok laa .and my sister said " aiee ,mun dakya apalah guna nya genk ,genk ajak baa" .LOL .Honestly , memang laa Sally teringin juak mok dengar suara nya tp nevermind laa .Im just waiting him to call me first .hehe ~ :D .neylah tauk suara nya kiut kaa macho kaa .HAHAH LOL .well , this is me KUAT BERANGAN .haha LOL .ishh , xkesah lah I AM WHO I AM .U dont know me just BACKOFF and keep your mouth SHUT ! .uhuhh ~ .Hmm , its been age im not seeing him online .haiis ~kinda , i miss him .hee ~ .Lama dah Sally xchit-chat ngn nya .Selalunya lah , nya sorg jak sally lyn chat .Mun ada org nok Sally xkenal malas laa Sally mok layan STRANGERS .Lantak cdak laa mok mdh sombong .I DONT CARE .Tapi mlm tok SUNYI jak CHATBOX xda nya .Im wonder ehh , hows his feeling when he read all about my BLOG? .Maybe a bit ANNOYED and DISGUSTED? .Hmm ,tonight im feel so lonely all my parents , cousin sleep already but me still hell yeah still write my BLOG lahh .ehekehek ~ ehh , last friday night ,yerr ~ i was dreaming .I dreaming about him ..SUNGGYU .But , Sally hairan .Dalam mimpi sally ya nama nya bukan Sunggyu tapi GREYSON CHANCE .hahah .LOL .But my dreaming was soooo SWITT ehh .He gave me a HUG .OMG ! , mun bena kn best :'( .But i realize its only just a DREAM .Haaaa , latest story .Especially for the GIRL .Its better if u PRIVATE all of your picture cause I dont know who "stranger" will grab ur picture and he will upload ur picture and edit ur picture naked . BE ALERT .So , i hope that u PRIVATE ur picture .  .Eee , macam2 dah sekarang oo .Dunia makin moden makin teruk .Haiss ~ .Okay laa .Sally rasa panjang alu jak blog sally updated tok .Okay , ANNYEONG .I JUST CAN SAY THAT I LOVE U SO MUCH .ececeh , jiwang la pulak ,Hee ~ ,xpa baa .Hati da taman berbunga-bunga gik yaa .NYTE all .Sarangheyo .IcedLEMONtea .Sorry arr .kekekekekek ~

Monday, 14 November 2011


Okay, hellow peeps .ehe ~ hmm , tonight i wanna share something about novel that i read .Kindaly , its all about sadness story .I done read CHAPTER ONE and personally i really really TOUCHED about it .So ,here are some dialogue and part of the stories and i cut it to short stories laa kehh .So , hope all of u will enjoy it and thinking about it deeply .

*chapter one : U MY EVERYTHINGS

GIRL : hey baby , i want to show you ...
BOY : (cutting her off) ughh im so mad , please dont disturb me !
GIRL : why? .what wrong dear?
BOY : Ughhh everything !
GIRL : explain baby
BOY : i just lost a championship game, parent flipped out on me for no reason, and im catching a cold .
GIRL : well ,hey there will always be other games, u know i'll take care of u when your sick. what your parents flip about?.
BOY : They are making me pay them for a car repair .
GIRL : is it a lot of money
BOY : no it just sucks .but hey i dont feel well . im going to go lay down .Bye .
GIRL : wait , i want to give u something .
BOY : cant it wait till tomorrow ?
GIRL : hmm , okay sure then .Bye love u till the rest of my life *showing a innocence face* Bye .

2 hours later , a friend of hers asks her to go for a drive .Her friend swerved to aroud a truck and hitting a tree instead .Her friend was kill instantly ,but she's in critical condition .

*this is the conversation between her sister and her boyfriend*
SISTER : OMG (crying)
BOY      : What ? whats wrong?
SISTER : my sister ..your girlfriend was involved in a major car wreck
BOY      : is she OK??
SISTER : she's in critical condition .
BOY      : i'll be there in 10 minutes

He show up to the hospital room ..standing outside the door going over the last conversation in his mind over and over as he heard the machines beep and beep and breathing tubes pump oxygen into her lungs .

BOYS : she wanted to give me something or tell me something
GIRLS MOM : yeah ,this ..

It was an develope smelling like she sealed it with a kiss in lipstick 
He opened it ..
It said ... " You're everything to me.. I love you with everything i am and everything i have .. i want to spend the rest of my life with you " 
Sealed in it was a ripped movie ticket from the first movie they went to ..and the first picture they took together ..He kissed the picture as a tears fell from his faces onto the picture .It looked as if in the picture she was crying ...

Then the machines flatlined ..3 minutes later she was pronounced dead .

So , how sad isn't it? .i hope u like and understand about the story .That girl just want him to know that how much he really really important to her .When the girl wanna give somthing to her boyfriend ,it seem that her boyfriend not really care about it and he wait for tommorow .But unfortunetly ,his girlfriend was dead cause accident and his girlfriend xsempat mok berik surat ya ngn nya pun bf .hmm ~ so ,moral of here .guyss , if someone or ur own gf want to give u somthing , directly says "what is it?" .Dont wait for tommorow cause u know what , we dont know what will happen next .Just like this stories .His gf was accident nya xsempat mok beri surat ya ngn gerek nya .aaa ~ so i hope that boys or girls ecspecially for the couple ,if someone wanna give u something accept it on the time .dont wait for tommorow .Jangan sampai org yg kita sayang meninggalkan kita and masa ya , xguna gik kita mok menyesal .hee ~ :')

Sunday, 13 November 2011

BORED =.='

Annyeong annyeong annyeong peeps .hee ~ Im on# KOREAN mode ehh # .Hmm ,tonight i wanna show u my phone .Hmm ,Sally lebih suka guna PHONE sony tok dari BLACKBERRY .While im bored , i had decorated my PHONE with BLING-BLING hee ~ xla cantik gilak .Biasa-biasa jakk .Hope u like it . :')

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Eloo ~peeps :') .Hows today? .I hope that all of you fine and had a GREAT day .hee~ .Personally ,i miss my BROTHERS and my DSLR :'( .He brings my my DSLR*canon* .Gonna miss my camera .Okay ,actually tonight i wanna tell something .hmm ,i think all of u feel ANNOYED if u get a STRANGER call isn't it? .yaa ,kindly around this day , i dont know why many STRANGERS called i got .hais~ i feel so ANNOYING baa .I hate it when i ask they "who are you" and they replied "manusia laa" .LOL .STUPID ANSWER .Tauk laa manusia xda nya BINATANG *bodohh* .Susah gilak kaa mok mdh dirik ya sapa .I think laa maybe they have UGLY NAME that why laa they dont want to tell me their NAME .LOL .Honestly i say ,i really really hate it when they call me and i pick up the phone ,they turn it off .Main-main lue jak .XSUKA BAA. haaa ~ ada laa sorg lakie tok .I dont know him .He called me so i picked up my phone and he said " wanna have a s** with me " hah ! .im SHOCKED and terus Sally tutup phone .If u wanna talk with me , TALK NICELY laa . Xpayah mok guna BAHASA yang Sally xsuka dengar .STRANGER ,if u wanna be my friends ,please la TREAT me nicely .INTRO urself .When i ask you what ur name ,where u get my num ,where do u live ,how old are u , JUST ANSWER IT HONEST baa .Xpayah mok polah LAWAK BODOH .memang xlawak punn malah , make me feel ANNOYED ada laa .haiss ~ .Cant understand laa ngan org zaman sekarang .Sometimes im feel SCARED when STRANGER call .yaa ~ honestly ,i really really scared .Well ,sekarang tok bnyak benda yang berlaku .haiss ~ Takut laa Sally .I need take care myself  ehh .Mungkin Sally akan jarang keluar rumah .Takut baa mok keluar .Kadang-kadang jak laa keluar .Hmm , i thought i wanna change my number or maybe i will never use any phone for a while .Rimas jak asa number pelik-pelik salu call .I wonder ehh , start from Friday many strangers call me .Hairan ==' .Kindaly , this is my new number .Only 'him' , my friends and my family knews my NUMBER .Sally xpenah bagi number Sally ngn sapa ehh .Tapi heran dari cney stranger-stranger ya dpt number sally .Ee ,xsuka laa org sebar-sebar number tok .Hey Strangers ,MIDDLE FINGER UP for you .HAHA >.< .haiss ~ cuba lahh orang yang selalu kacau Sally ya org KOREA .Like Yoseop kaa ,Sunggyu kaa , Seungie kaa or GREYSON CHANCE .uuu ~ mun jak cdak kan BEST :'( .hmm .Xpa2 .tunggu Sally belajar kat KOREA*god willing me* .So, i have to STUDY more to make my DREAM come TRUE ~ ya , i PROMISE so ,no need boyfriend anymore and i need to FACE book .ehe ~ kbyee .dreamland with seobie ehh .pewww dusshh ~ xD .I MISS HIM ==' .kkk BUBBYE . ^^v

Friday, 11 November 2011


Okay, hello peeps .hows today? .waa ~ today was a really NICE date oo 11.11.11 .But just a few minute later date will changes to 12.11.11 .So ,tonight i wanna share bout my feelin to all of u :') .11.11.11 nice date but nothing happended to me ;'( .Many thing i had wish last night .Hmm ,but its okay laa .Maybe ,some day GOD will hear my wishes  and it will come true GOD WILLING ME .:') Prayer is the BACKBONE to every situation in my life .Okay ,kindaly ~im at my cousin house ==' .haiss ~ boring coz all of them already sleep .Maybe they are tired coz kena bully Sally petang tek .Poor them .HHAH >.<  .To love someone is nothing ,to be loved by someone is somthing to be loved is exciting BUT to be loved by GOD is everything .I like this qoutes .Its really mean for me . coz its gave me inspirit to me not being hurt and hopeless :') .Like i said LIFE MUST GO ON .Wheater we have to face all the big or small problem life must go on coz life is to SHORT and we must enjoy it ;') .Okay, for me falling in love is like jumping off a tall building .hee ~ your brains will tell you it is not a good idea ,BUT  your heart tells you can fly .You love someone but u scared and wonder if person u like will broke ur heart but deep inside ur heart feel that he was the right guy for you .Just like me , im not afraid to LOVE ,but im afraid of NOTHING BEING LOVE BACK .Im scared if i being hurt for the second time .My cousin said to me " you're too pretty to be SINGLE" lol .and i said " yaa ~ that why laa i will single for ever'' and he said ''aie ,why lorr" and i said "u say im pretty to be single ,so i will single laa hehehe " . :) .Err~ If someone ask we "did u have a boyfriends yet" kinda , bored to hear that word but when i say NO directly they will say "BULAK KTK YA!" haiss ~ somtimes , im touched when they say me like that .==' muka Sally tok ada kedak pembulak kaa? haiss ~ T^T .I dont know laa i cant understand wHy they say IM LYING .Macam tek Sally online entah sapa laa sorg mamat yaa i cant recognise him , nya pdh Sally tok pembulak xda GEREK .Bahh , bena laa sally xda gerek .Xkan laa Sally mok pdh ada mcm la Sally da grek .Eee , pliss laa dont ever make people feel ANNOYED baa .Mun sally dah padah xda ya ,XDA LAA .Boh la pdh sally tok pembulak .hmm :'( .Who cares when im hurt? .NOBODY will know it :'( .I will think twice if i wanna make desicion or telling someone that i like .Because if dont tell him how i feel , im just scared that he'll find some other girl .haiss ~ i know its such as BAD feelin but im try to be HONEST .But just now, im realize that actually i have to BE A WOMAN A MAN NEEDS but dont be a woman who needs a man .yaa ~ that true .So, just now its better if someone like me, not me like someone coz no want LIKE me at all .and i know it . I've always been afraid of losing people I LOVE.Sometimes I wonder , is there anyone out there afraid to lose me? .hmm ,poor Sally :'( .Im not looking for someone who has everything, but kindaly im looking someone who has time to spend with me more than everything. :') .My cousin told me that they cant live without LOVE .really mehh? for me laa ooh , i think i cant live without OXYGEN cause its more important :') .Well ,all of them has a BF/GF so ,xheran laa cdak padah LOVE yang lebih penting .Sally tok haiss apa jak laa .Sometimes , i never realize how much i like someone until i watch them LIKING someone else .Pity of me .Hmm ~ we're given two hands to hold two legs to walk two eyes to see two ears to listen But why only one HEART? .Because the other was given to someone else for us to find . :') .Lastly , maybe im too late to be your first .but right now ,im preparing myself to be ur last .sunggyu and seungie .Love both of u 3S -SALLYSUNGGYUSEUNGIE ,annyeong ,gudnite :'( .DONE UPDATED .hope u will enjoy it and sorry if all of u will bored read about my blog .

Thursday, 10 November 2011


Okay , guys tonight just a little post not to much cause im not feel well kinda sick .So, here are some of picture REGARDING HYUNSEUNG'S CRYING INCIDENT at Shanghai .*poor seungie :'( * 
* u can click on this picture and see sparkle eye of seungie .he start to cry when nobody 
support him*
*try to cover up his face and wipe out his tear* 

hmm ,poor seungie :'( . When B2uty fans were allowed to get one signature from the member , fifty number were allocated for each of the boys .However, YOSEOP was very POPULAR ,his numbers were gone in a short while, so YOSEOP stands had to take number for each members, among them HYUNSEUNG'S numbers .When the press conference started, every member had alot of support except HYUNSEUNG .There were no noticeable difference, and HYUNSEUNG crying incident happened during the press con .Eee ~ poor seungie .Wanna see it more clear search it on youtube by urself .He gave a FAKE smile and pretend that nothing happen .But deep inside he's heart , actually he was so sad .He's tears come out slowly when he yawning .just watch it from youtube and u will know it then .Poor seungie .hmm , dont worry seungie i am ur hug fan kehh .poor u seungie :'( .Btw , enjoy my new blog song .ON RAINY DAY by BEAST . This song give me inspired .i like part of chorus .Yoseop voice make me melt ehh .Enjoy it kehh .Denga lagu ya sampey abis .Best ;') .

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Okay guys .Tonight i wanna all of you share you feelin and well ,as usual i will share about all my feelin hee ~ .Kinda ~ tonight i feel a bit emo and TOUCHED i dont know laa .Maybe im listen to Suddenly by Kim bo Kyung Ost City Hunter .I thought all of u watchin that movie rite? .Its cool isnt it? .hee ~ Okay , my cousin says that GUYS hate girl "OVERREACT" .is it true? .errm ~ maybe yaa .Somtimes , i feel that im overact ehh . :'( .Peeps, did u ever fall for someone you know u should'nt? .Kindly ,i feel that .I try to hide my feelin, but its so hard im just couldn't .He's only a friend ,and can be nothing else .Thats the LIE i keeping telling myself .Im so happy in his presence ,but reminding myself it could never happen .A simple meet of the eyes turn into a STARE .Im hide my feeling so no ONE can see .hee ~ .I dont want to tell his friends because i would get EMBARRASED .:'( .So i just keep my feeling bottled up and tell nobody . :) .Sometimes ,when we love someone we will get TIRED for waiting them , too many fights , misunderstanding , argument , forgiveness and sorry .But trust me ehh ,when the times comes u will realize that all  of the sacrifices will make ur relationship STRONGER .Okay , some of girl feel that they was a apple trees .Xsemua ompuan rasa mcm yaa cause sesetengah cdak sanggup gadaikan maruah untuk seorg lelaki .For those girl who still VIRGIN *sorry yaa for the harsh word* "girl ,if u cant save ur relationship , at least save ur pride .Its okay if u cant save ur relationship actually it was better cause u have make a good decision to letting them go .There are still alot of guys that will really2 cares about u and love u so , please im begging u save ur PRIDE" .:') .A good girl will make them like APPLE TREES .The best ones are at the top of the tree.The boys dont want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling down and get hurt .Instead, they just get the rotten apples from the ground that arent as good, but easy :') .So ,the apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they're amazing actually .They just have to wait for the right boy to come along the one who berani panjat pokok epal tuu :') .And ,always all the time Sally rasa sally pun mcm pokok epal yaa .Just waitin someone who really really brave catch me .hee ~ When, somtimes sally rasa ALONE, LONELY or maybe im not okay ,Its feel good to hear someone say "take care" but i feels so much better to hear someone "i will take care of you" .LOL .im just waitin for that word kindly . >.< .yeahh ~ im a strong person but sometimes i would like somone to take my hand and say everything will be alright .and i think twice .WHO? .haiss ~ hmm ,when my friends ask me what is the hardest things in my life .We gave our difference answer like one of my friends says hardest things in her life was math , science ,cook and so on .When they ask me ,my answer simple .The hardest thing in my life was watchin the someone i love , LOVE/LIkE someone else .Well , the truth baa .Ofcouse ,we will feel bad when we see someone we like , like someone else . :'( .err ~ i dont know laa why so many girls fall in love with the wrong guys, simply because the wrong guys say the right thing .bak kata pepatah ''AYAT MAIN PERANAN'' lol >.< . yaa ~ before this i have been fall in love and we in the relationship BUT xlamak pasya ya BREAK OFF :'( .Cause i had fall in love with wrong person and i admit it :'( .Xsampey seminggu sally gerek ngn nya .He was my FIRST LOVE i dont knew wheather nya tauk or xtauk Sally xtauk laa .I thought that FIRST LOVE was BEAUTIFUL ,SWITT but kindly , first love made me HURT , DISSAPOINTED and i made my own desicion i will never fall in love again and i will forget all our memories and its work when i met someone ,  immediatelly my heart open to fall in love again .But yaa ~ maybe i fall in love with wrong person again , maybe . cause he likes someone . ~ Sometimes, when its raining ,i will go outside and walk .Cause its the only time i can cry without anyone knowing .Girl, just try it .its awesome .Sally confirm , u feel better after that but u will catch flu laa .But its sokay baa coz fever xsakit tapi scars at your heart nobody knows and its freaking pain more pain than fever .I've through it before .But always told to myself NEVER GIVE UP just for one guys .Life must go on .Maybe ,we are different .Different RACE different AGE different err i dont know many different .lol .It sokay then .I realize it .Maybe, God doesn't give me the people that i like, Cause one day he will gives the PEOPLE THAT NEED ME and im just waitin for that day . :') .I will continue continue and continue PRAY cause i believe that when GOD steps in , MIRACLE WILL HAPPEN .yaa ~ .But honestly , its hard to FORGET somone like you cause i have never met type of boy like you ehh .I know forgetting somone we love was really hurt .Just like u , its hard for you to forget that girl and u still hopping and waiting her . Same with me .But i realize that someday i will stop waitin when i saw u with someone that u like then .So , day by day im just trying to find someone who appreciate me better . :') 


Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Okay, hi guys .My watch shown that 12.30 pm .aigoo ~ its late already .and i hear my neighbour dog's roar accidentally make me SCARED baa .haiss ~*what a stupid dog i will kill u later =="* .Okay nevrmind laa . IMMA A BRAVE girl .yerr ~ Ok .see that picture .Yummy isnt it? .hee ~ my aunt brought it for me .I dont know where she buy it .hee ~ But im not going to tell about food .Tonight im wanna tell somethin bout my feelin .ermm ~ not bad .Im feel happy today .Cause someone make me LAUGH like evil .BWHAHAAHA ~ .Kinda , im satisfy when he told me what he mean by CONGRATZ .Im asking him congratz for what and he said congratz cause im fallin with some else .LOL .its seem that i fallin love with someone else? .*im blurring* .Maybe he read bout my status , maybe laa .i dont know .im just GUESSES .My status was about someone .Actually, It was about him and my lovely SUNGGYU hehek ~ .LOL .why he being so HUMBLE ehh >.< .Sometimes, he make me LAUGH cause of  his HUMBLELICIOUS .He always compare himself with someone that much better than him .aigoo ~ susah2 .But its BETTER being HUMBLE .x SHOW off baa .I like .heehee ~ .Ada org asa dirik HENSEM show off then , asa ARTIST huh ~ watever lah lkie cam yaa .Tapi nya x .Nya HUMBLE .huhu ~ .ehh , i think im gonna off laa .I dont know why my head so DIZZY now  and make want to VOMITING .bluekkk ~ Later , i will continue POST kehh .Bubbye , ILOVEYOU <3

Monday, 7 November 2011


Okay , hi guys .hows TODAY? been up to much? hee ~ Kindaly, tonight Sally feel so DOWN .I dont know why ,maybe a bit TIRED and i have been IGNORING again . :'( .I dont know laa sometimes i cant UNDERSTAND with him .Im alot of BLURRING when he said ''CONGRATZ , K BYE" congratz for what? .I cant understand what he MEAN .Banyak kali Sally tanyak nya CONGRATZ for what , tapi xjuak nya eply :'( .What do u mean actually .Im WONDER is it congratz for relationship? .Sally neyda gerek .err ~ maybe congratz for tournament .ehh ~ ya gik laa .cam Sally da ikot apa2 tournament xda lue jak .haiss ~Sally tanyak nya xmaok JAWAB .Im wonder ehh :'( .Or maybe i have DONE anything BAD to him .Tapi Sally rasa Sally xda polh SALAH ngan nya pun .haiss ~*WHAT A BAD FEELIN* .Im start feelin bad when i ask him congratz for what and then, he not relpying my CHAT :'( .Its seems that ,nya xmaok LAYAN Sally gik ,maybe :'( .LIKE I SAY HE WILL HATE ME .yaa ~ true .Everyone will HATED me .Everyone will UNFRIEND me .Kindaly , u are the one my FRIEND since my own FRIEND treat me LIKE RUBBISH and they ignoring me so , i thought that u are the only one my closed friend but just now i ALONE again laa :'( 
Nevermind ,although i had NOBODY but GOD always by my SIDE and give me GUIDANCE :'( .Honestly ,Sally rasa a bit SEDIH cause YOU xlayan CHAT sally .I ASK YOU AT LEAST ANSWER MY QUESTION DONT MAKE ME WAITIN LIKE A FOOL :'( .Im just askin you what do u mean by CONGRATZ .i wonder .Okay ,nevermind .mun ktk xmok layan kmk gik .xpa .kmk xkesah .Memang dah biasa org polh dakya .Selalu rasa dirik macam SAMPAH baa .Dibuang dakya jak :')  Okeh .Just , im sorry if i make u feel down , feel teriible, feel bad or somthin like that laa im SORRY kehh .I know who i am . :'(

Friday, 4 November 2011


Okay guys ,so this is SHARKY from TEAM [E] .hee ~ kindaly he look so CUTE kan .wee ~ .Sally search dia punya FB tak jumpa oo *sedih* .But i wonder , actually where he come from .Macam org malaysia ada juak kan .I like when he talk .I like someone WHO can speak ENGLISH very well actually .Just like him aigoo~IM MELTING lahh when i hear his voice .haha .But SUNGGYU still in my HEART laa .hehekk ~ .He's just ORDINARY person but because of his FINGGER TUTTING talent make him POPULAR at YOUTUBE .I am try LEARN to make FINGER tutting but yalatek imma GIRL first time buat i got CRAMPS .haiss ~ sakit baa .err ~LOOK at his face .hmm, remind me about my friend AH WAY .Kawan dari FOM 1 .Lengzai oo haha .Honestly, Sally penah rasa jatoh CINTA ngn nya tapi rasa ya pandai HILANG  . cause i THINK that ITS BETTER to be FRIEND .Because friend LONG LASTING RELATIONSHIP bhaa .hee ~ .I thought just now maybe he still at DOHA cause last we MET at MALL dia ada ckp 3 years dia kat DOHA .hmm, gonna MISS him ehh  :') .I still remember masa fom 1 VALENTINE days .Im suprised when he gave me CHOCOLATE and ROSES .dah time ya kat SUSHI KING my fav places .hee~ malu ehh .And he said "BESTFRIEND 4 EVER" .waa~ terharu sally :') .Tapi kinek ,we LOST contact baa .But nevemind i BELIEVE that he will never FORGET me cause Sally da berik gamba SALLY kat nya pun wallet .Always be my BFF till die .hee ~NOT BOYFRIEND BUT BESTFRIEND . 

Thursday, 3 November 2011


So, this is my LOVELY phone BAOBAO . CUTE isnt it? .Unfortunately ,my papa want me to change my new handphone to blackberry .haiss~ i dont like BLACKBERRY .I like IPHONE baa .Blackberyy, hmm~ screen kecik, keypad pun kecik xbest lue jak .Err ~ but its better laa .Around 6 months im using BAOBAO .But, just now kinda im LAZY to have a PHONE .yala~ bukan nya ada org mok MESSAGE pun kan kan .Number jak berlambak-lambak lam tepon tapi sorang pun tak da yang MESSAGE .haiss~ .Okay, i dont need PHONE for awhile any problem just tell me at my facebook acc yahh .BAOBAO i will miss u .U are EVERYTHING to me .^^

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


hee ~ tadaaa ,,\Actually , i cooked it by MYSELF ala-ala KOREAN food laa .believe or not .its your decision laa .Just see it .Seaweed ,jellyfish ,green vegetables ,bean sprouts ,fish and rice .hmm~ yummy .Makanan diet biasa lah .Nasi dalam kuantiti yang sikit .Kinda ~ i want to lose my WEIGHT .I want my SLIMMY body back .Well ,many people keep sayin that IM CHUBBY .oh ,shit .I HATE WORD CHUBBY .Honestly , Sally masak sebarang jak .BUT my mummy said "ermm yummy wahh my daughter sudah pandai masak oo'' .Btw , my grandma say LELAKI suka perempuan yang PANDAI MASAK .well , i can COOK bahh so LIKE ME LAHH .hahahha ~LOL double LOL . .But im still LEARN from my MUMMY and beloved GRANDMA .I like baking cake .Its AWESOME and FUN .I can decorate what kind of pattern .Oh , CHEESE cake .MY favourite one .haiss ~ im STARVING laa talk about FOOD .haha .LOL .hmm ~BORED ehh .
Okay lets talk about KOREAN guys .yerr~ I LIKE KOREAN GUYS .Sally suka korean guys bukan laa kerna cdak HANDSOME jak .BUT they are CLEAN .My brothers says ROKOK diharamkan kat KOREA .We can see bahh their TEETH bersih , puteh , suci jak upa kan . haiss~ just like my Sunggyu laa .hehhe .And korean guys we can see their STYLE too .apuu ~ they look so GREAT rite .They cares about their HEALTH .Sometimes , mereka masak tak guna MINYAK .Mereka banyak MEMANGGANG .and they eat more GREEN VEGETABLE that why they have SOFT skin .hee~ Most o them BABYFACE kan .Macam Kevin Ukiss apuu , Lembut alu jak muka nya SOMETIMES i feel that i wanna kiss his CHEEK .haha LOL >.< . I always pray and i hope that one day i can STUDING at korea .Waa~ time yaa bok puas ngga lakie korean ,HAHA lol ehh .Masa ya lah Sally carik gerek macam SUNGGYU .hee~ Actually many of things why i LIKE korea .But my eye oo , aigoo feel so SLEEPY .Tomorow continue updated keh .ANNYEONG ^^