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Thursday, 3 November 2011


So, this is my LOVELY phone BAOBAO . CUTE isnt it? .Unfortunately ,my papa want me to change my new handphone to blackberry .haiss~ i dont like BLACKBERRY .I like IPHONE baa .Blackberyy, hmm~ screen kecik, keypad pun kecik xbest lue jak .Err ~ but its better laa .Around 6 months im using BAOBAO .But, just now kinda im LAZY to have a PHONE .yala~ bukan nya ada org mok MESSAGE pun kan kan .Number jak berlambak-lambak lam tepon tapi sorang pun tak da yang MESSAGE .haiss~ .Okay, i dont need PHONE for awhile any problem just tell me at my facebook acc yahh .BAOBAO i will miss u .U are EVERYTHING to me .^^

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