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Monday, 7 November 2011


Okay , hi guys .hows TODAY? been up to much? hee ~ Kindaly, tonight Sally feel so DOWN .I dont know why ,maybe a bit TIRED and i have been IGNORING again . :'( .I dont know laa sometimes i cant UNDERSTAND with him .Im alot of BLURRING when he said ''CONGRATZ , K BYE" congratz for what? .I cant understand what he MEAN .Banyak kali Sally tanyak nya CONGRATZ for what , tapi xjuak nya eply :'( .What do u mean actually .Im WONDER is it congratz for relationship? .Sally neyda gerek .err ~ maybe congratz for tournament .ehh ~ ya gik laa .cam Sally da ikot apa2 tournament xda lue jak .haiss ~Sally tanyak nya xmaok JAWAB .Im wonder ehh :'( .Or maybe i have DONE anything BAD to him .Tapi Sally rasa Sally xda polh SALAH ngan nya pun .haiss ~*WHAT A BAD FEELIN* .Im start feelin bad when i ask him congratz for what and then, he not relpying my CHAT :'( .Its seems that ,nya xmaok LAYAN Sally gik ,maybe :'( .LIKE I SAY HE WILL HATE ME .yaa ~ true .Everyone will HATED me .Everyone will UNFRIEND me .Kindaly , u are the one my FRIEND since my own FRIEND treat me LIKE RUBBISH and they ignoring me so , i thought that u are the only one my closed friend but just now i ALONE again laa :'( 
Nevermind ,although i had NOBODY but GOD always by my SIDE and give me GUIDANCE :'( .Honestly ,Sally rasa a bit SEDIH cause YOU xlayan CHAT sally .I ASK YOU AT LEAST ANSWER MY QUESTION DONT MAKE ME WAITIN LIKE A FOOL :'( .Im just askin you what do u mean by CONGRATZ .i wonder .Okay ,nevermind .mun ktk xmok layan kmk gik .xpa .kmk xkesah .Memang dah biasa org polh dakya .Selalu rasa dirik macam SAMPAH baa .Dibuang dakya jak :')  Okeh .Just , im sorry if i make u feel down , feel teriible, feel bad or somthin like that laa im SORRY kehh .I know who i am . :'(

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