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Tuesday, 1 November 2011


hee ~ tadaaa ,,\Actually , i cooked it by MYSELF ala-ala KOREAN food laa .believe or not .its your decision laa .Just see it .Seaweed ,jellyfish ,green vegetables ,bean sprouts ,fish and rice .hmm~ yummy .Makanan diet biasa lah .Nasi dalam kuantiti yang sikit .Kinda ~ i want to lose my WEIGHT .I want my SLIMMY body back .Well ,many people keep sayin that IM CHUBBY .oh ,shit .I HATE WORD CHUBBY .Honestly , Sally masak sebarang jak .BUT my mummy said "ermm yummy wahh my daughter sudah pandai masak oo'' .Btw , my grandma say LELAKI suka perempuan yang PANDAI MASAK .well , i can COOK bahh so LIKE ME LAHH .hahahha ~LOL double LOL . .But im still LEARN from my MUMMY and beloved GRANDMA .I like baking cake .Its AWESOME and FUN .I can decorate what kind of pattern .Oh , CHEESE cake .MY favourite one .haiss ~ im STARVING laa talk about FOOD .haha .LOL .hmm ~BORED ehh .
Okay lets talk about KOREAN guys .yerr~ I LIKE KOREAN GUYS .Sally suka korean guys bukan laa kerna cdak HANDSOME jak .BUT they are CLEAN .My brothers says ROKOK diharamkan kat KOREA .We can see bahh their TEETH bersih , puteh , suci jak upa kan . haiss~ just like my Sunggyu laa .hehhe .And korean guys we can see their STYLE too .apuu ~ they look so GREAT rite .They cares about their HEALTH .Sometimes , mereka masak tak guna MINYAK .Mereka banyak MEMANGGANG .and they eat more GREEN VEGETABLE that why they have SOFT skin .hee~ Most o them BABYFACE kan .Macam Kevin Ukiss apuu , Lembut alu jak muka nya SOMETIMES i feel that i wanna kiss his CHEEK .haha LOL >.< . I always pray and i hope that one day i can STUDING at korea .Waa~ time yaa bok puas ngga lakie korean ,HAHA lol ehh .Masa ya lah Sally carik gerek macam SUNGGYU .hee~ Actually many of things why i LIKE korea .But my eye oo , aigoo feel so SLEEPY .Tomorow continue updated keh .ANNYEONG ^^

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