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Monday, 31 October 2011


YEAYYYY ~ NOVEMBER .Lastly , my LOVELY month come again .haha LOL .Kinda ~ November was a very CUTE months .I dont know why EVERY years in NOVEMBER its really MEANT for me .A lot of  happiness and SADNESS happen and i HOPE for this year , NOVEMBER PLEASE DONT MAKE ME SADNESS BUT MAKE ME A LOT LOT LOT OF HAPPINESS things happen :')

Okay ~ A lots of things happen in this months .HAPPINESS , SADNESS , STRESSED , HOPELESS and WHATEVER laa .hee ~ .In OCTOBER i like someone .Eventhough he's not my FIRST guys that i like but I TRUST and IM SURE he is my FIRST love .I dont know why im still THINKING about him .Maybe , because of love of first sight .I am try to forget him in my MIND but kindaly , why its so HARD for me .Every night before i sleep , i close my eyes and pray, hope that tomorrow no more SADNESS no more PAINFUL no more DISSAPONTED and no more HOPELESS but nothing CHANGE . my feel still SADNESS .Every day i hope that MIRACLE WILL HAPPEN IN MY LIFE but THERE STILL NOTHING HAPPEN .WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY .Sometimes i TOLD to myself .It Such as WASTE to thinking someone who doesnt thinking about me .Honestly, im WEAK when i see HIM .When i read he's  STATUS it seem that he MEANT someones .His status more about HER .And immediately why im feel BAD and little jealous and that make me LAZY to online :'( But who i am to get MAD and JEALOUS .Thats he's RIGHT to post ANYTHING as their STATUS . i just can keep my MOUTH SHUT and be PATIENT .I AM SO TERRIBLE :'( .Im so EMBARRASING with him .yalaa ~mesti nya pikir Sally tok jak yang OVERACTING ngan nya kan because my blog was all about him everydays im talk about HIM .Im sure he just now HATE me so much .I know mesti nya padah Sally tok ngegeh ngegeh jak cita pasal nya lam BLOG .It okay .IM FINE .heheh .*pretend to smile* .Even im HURTED i just let it be .I MISS u .Im trying to be HAPPY but again u make me CRYING .Im crying not because of your FAULT .but my FAULT actually .I am to easy to FALL IN LOVE :'( .First i said that I LIKE YOU , i think TWICE .Should i tell u that i LIKE you? .At last , i tell you i like u and u said that SUKA SBAGAI KAWAN OR . . . .  and I said that SUKA SEBAGAI . . .  :'(  .Kalau lah masa dapat DIPUTAR balit , Sally mok tarik balik apa yang Sally padah ngan nya .Honestly , Sally rasa MALU ngan nya .Rasa macam dah jatuh jak MARUAH sally sebagai PEREMPUAN .Time nya padah BOH MENGHARAP GILAK Sally rasa malu alu alu .Sepatutnya, Sally simpan jak PERASAAN sally yaa ~ TAPI , makin Sally simpan rasa ya honestly , Sally rasa Sally TERUK .And i think twice .Sally xmaok mcm zselan dolok .Sally simpan jak rasa SUKA sally ngan nya bertahun-tahun .Dalam tahun yaa Sally rasa KECEWA alu mun nangga nya wall to wall ngn perempuan lain , comment-comment , baca nya pun STATUS and nok Sally paling SEDIH alu STATUS NYA ANOK SALLY then Sally ngga  nya dah IN A RELATIONSHIP ngn perempuan lain .Only GOD know how much BROKEN HEART that i felt .So, that why i make my decision to be HONEST and say that I LIKE YOU to _ _ _ _ _ .But , Same .im hopeless and dissapointed for the second times .Actually , im not that DESPERATED as u think .IM LONELY :'( .My friends IGNORING ME :'( .No one CARES about me :'( .IM JUST LOOKING and WANT SOMEONE TO LOVING ME and cares about me .Now, im really feel EMPTY .I know Who i am .No one like me :'( .My friends HATE me :'( .Everybody HATED me :'( .I have nobody except my FAMILY .What i mean someone who more than friends . When im bored i will look at the SKY and see beautiful shining STAR .Usually , when im miss somone i will talk to the STAR .Just like STUPID GIRL talking ALONE with STAR .But , i feel good after that .i love star and always be my bestfriends .Only STAR knew what im feel and my SECRET .Even though i know u love someone else u could never know the PAIN that i felt .You probably never think of me at all .And i know we have no memories, BUT in the ends only my TEARS fall .Actually, love like a river of tears .That will flow whenever u are not here :'( .Even though your heart will never be MINE but its ENOUGH just seeing you SMILE and HAPPY with someone you like just now :) .err ~ okay PARADISE song will REMEMBER ME about you .INSPIRIT <3  .Kinda ~ denga banyak kali pun lagu ya memang xkan BORING and ALWAYS remember me SUNGGYU oppa .Haiss ~ always in my heart*sung gyu* .BEING HURT IS TIRING .I always PRAY that ONEDAY someone like SUNGGYU will come in my LIFE .He can SING for me when im SAD . Okay, i think that all for today .Kinda ~ this was what feel on OCTOBER .never feel HAPPINESS rite? .all my daily life end with hopeless and dissapointed .So , new MONTH for the NEW HOPE. and i HOPE that NOVEMBER will be my Happiness , Lucky and and FULL WITH HOPEFUL months .*god willing me* . 03.40 am  .uwaaa ~ im feel so sleepy .So , BUBBYE October i wanna SLEEP .and I hope tomorrow MIRACLE WILL HAPPEN TO ME .Gudnite , take care .~ ANNYEONG~ :"( 
i may not show it , but i care about you, alot more than you THINK  :'(

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  1. i ♥ ur blog after u changed the music .
    girl ,i know the feelings hurt . i've been through it. don't regret for your confession.always remember that each day is a new day.what happened dolokdolok marek ya (yesterdays)were history . time will pass by and that 'regret' perhaps will disappear someday.
    on that moment , trust me , u'll be ready to be loved and loving as you'd learn from the lessons of your life .
    u have to try k .jgn sampai penyesalan ya mrosakkan hati kita :)
    alone?idk what happened so i couldn't say anything lah about that oh .
    i know, once the feelings were gone , but we will always care for them .