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Thursday, 20 October 2011


waa~ my cute BUG bunny watch shown the TIME was 1.30 am
BUT why my EYES still cant SLEEP aa *something wrong with my eyes xD*
okay , i am really SATISFIED what he said to me just now .
nahh, that true bah he like SOMEONE else .
at least , he tell me the truth that he like someone its BETTER laa sbelom Sally makin PERASAN xD

 when he said " i like a girl its been 4 years i like her but still nothing happen" i accidentally feel pity to HIM 

so, now i know why his STATUS more says IM WAITING~
that GIRL was very LUCKY bcoz someone waiting for HER until today *luckyluckylucky*
i dont know why that GIRL doesnt LIKE him 

some people says that IN A RELATIONSHIP was AWESOME and some says BORING*i dont know bcoz i never feel it before*
for me its better SINGLE bcoz i can do anything what i WANT and no one can HURT me 
but eventhough IM SINGLE sally tak cakap laa kt SEMUA org sally SINGLE *just keep it up*
im single but im not brag about . it its better not to tell .
Usually, we can see that many people will says they was SINGLE and put as their STATUS haha lol actually teringin Sally mok padah  " u are single but u want to tell the whole world that u are single .For what? u think that people can terus become ur gerek kaa? If it does, gerenti tak sampai sebulan dah putus " .~ haha >.<

talk 'bout GEREK .sometimes when we choose wrong  person we can get TROUBLE .yaa ~ that true oo .just like my FRIEND he's GIRLFRIEND was 'gold digger' everytime when they hangout my friend will spend all his MONEY to his girl for shopping .and i said " oi, why u spend all ur money haa? and he said "i love her baa " . ==''
kalau Sally laa oo , if im RICH i will donate to all the poor and the orphans and then i will be known for doing good things and be call DATIN SALLY muka saya mcm jahat tpi hati baikk tolong org .HAHA xDxDxD

err ~ i MISS my BROTHER .at midnight he gave me ONE MESSAGE " sally abg pat g KOREA ehh:D " huh~ WHAT THE HECK im so fuckin jealous ooo . its sokay laa one day i will and i CAN  go there HELLO KOREA HERE I COME *god willing me*
most thing i miss my brother when he get ANGRY he will NEVER say 'jibai' or 'lanjiao' to anybody including me BUT shit kanasai nainainai ada laa .HAHAHA  must RESPECT this men .

okay, guys i think my eyes already ngantok laa .jam pun dah menunjukkan pukol 2.10 am .uwaaaaaa ~ ngantok suda .next time Sally continue writing k .AMACAM ,enjoy read my BLOG 
dont worry i will create it more 'bout me next time oo.okay .ANNYEONG ,NITE TAKE CARE and SARANGHEA <3
-the end-



  1. wow , after days of confused . who's the girl ? his schoolmate ?
    hold on , your brother going to Korea ?really ?? IM SO JEALOUS OMG .. seems like your sibling is a smart person .ahaha. what is he doing there ??studying ???

  2. i dont know who's that girl actually :") .yaa ~ my brother was a model then, he got trip to korea .^^

  3. wow ! being a model must be a coolest thing ever ya . Honestly , you have a pretty face . you do . ahhaa if you and your family take a family picture , I'm sure that picture looks great .
    mmm , actually I have nothing to say about that guy but since the first person who commented on this commented about everything , hmmm ,, could the girl be his neighbour ?? ;)
    well , no need to answer that , its not a real question btw .

    good day .