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Monday, 24 October 2011


annyeong , jeoneun dangsin i geuliwoyo? *yerr jadi korean jap* hee~
Okay ,tonight hmm ,feelin better i am start to feel alive but a little bit headache coz flu .
My nose full with FLUID but haha i like that .i like to hear my voice SENGAU . xD

I LIKE TO PLAY PIANO bcause the sound was ROMANTIC and SMOOTH .actually , i WANT my papa to buy one PIANO for me but i SCARE to ask a favor .its okay ,when my BIRTHDAY come then , i will ask him to buy it .yeay ~ .On weekend , i will visited my grandma .well ~ at her house ada PIANO .time yalah Sally try main PIANO .Sally teringin gilak-gilak mok COVER lagu wedding dress by TAEYANG .Sometimes , i research at YOUTUBE how to playin PIANO .when i saw them play it ,wooow they looked so GREAT and its AWESOME .>w< .

IM JEALOUS when i saw my CUZZY can play PIANO very well .She told me that she will TEACH me when i already have a PIANO then, we can play it together .Usually , my CUZZY always playing PIANO for her BOYFRIEND and she will SING .haha ~*funny but romantic oo* .
Sometimes , Sally teringin juak mok main PIANO untuk seseorg BUT i have to learn more how to playin piano first , then when im PASS i will play it FOR YOU yaa JUST FOR YOU . :') .

Kinda ~ its FUN to playin PIANO .it can release our tenson and we can do what kind of sound and it AMAZING . xsaba mok suruh papa beli PIANO .If i got the PIANO ,the first song i will cover is PARADISE by INFINITE .ada kat YOUTUBE , girl 16 years old cover lagu paradise haiss , she's so GREAT ehh nothin else i can say . >m<
If i given a choice to choose guy that play GUITAR or PIANO , i would prefer to choose guy that can play PIANO .yaa ~ i like guys that can play PIANO .memang best laa klau dpt GEREK yang pandai main PIANO , uweeee ~

err ~ i think its enough for me tonight .im feel so sleepy and weak today maybe cause of flu .okay , i will continue writing when i get well soon .BUBBYe ,annyeong :')

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