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Thursday, 7 June 2012

She's smile but inside her smile alot of pain that she would never show it.

Hai blogist .Lama dah Sally tak updated blog .Well kinda im busy with twitter and im addicted .Hehehe .Yeah since its been long time im not tell my story, today i will share about my feelin .As you know , blog is the place that i can express my feelin and i hope all of you enjoy but if someone fell annoyed just get out from my page Hmm , where i must begin? .Okay firstly, i like this guy for a long long time .Well , dia lah laki pertama yang Sally suka sebelum Sally suka dekat Lemon and Timmy laki yang Sally pernah cita kat torang .Korang lupe erkk? .Hewwhew .Okay , the guy that i mean is Saiful Azlan also known as Zse Lan .Dia mix malay chinese .As you know sally memang suka sangat sangat dekat lakie chinese or muka ala2 chinese  .I dont know why i like chinese guys .Maybe kawan kawan Sally banyak org cina sbb ya lah suka ngn budak cina Tehehe .Okay , mok tauk x , im start liking him since my age 14 form two lah and now im 16 .Sally still suka nya wlaupun dlm dua tahun ya dah brapa banyak girlfriend nya :"( .Dalam dua tahun ya , banyak lah dugaan yang Sally tempuhi , ceeewahh . Antaranya ,Sally terasa hati and sakit hati bila tengok nya dengan GF atau dgn perempuan lain .Hmm , when im tellin my feelin with my cuzzy about someone i like , directly all they says "go ahead just tell him lorr" .Aigoo ~~ so here is the problem .I wonder what i suppose to do? .Honestly , Sally nie memang lah memang seorang yang pemalu  .Sally xpandey mok cakap face 2 face ngn org ya cakap yang sally suka kat nya .Ya kes pertama .Yang kedua , Im a girl .Sally masih ada maruah dan harga diri .For me , when a girl tell a boy that she likes him or she wanna him to be her boyfriend ,nampak mcm perempuan ya xda maruah jak .Spatutnya , lakie yg ajak kapel bkn prmpuan ya baruk gentle men nma nya kan .Mun prempuan dolok yg ajak nmpak mcm xda harga diri jak ishh .Okayy , I like him so freaking much .I dont know how to express my feelin about him .The reason why im not tellin him the truth that i like him .Hmm , sometimes sally terfikir juak bodoh nya aku xckap jak yag aku suka nya ,ehh ney boleh aku prempuan aku ada harga diri .Yang sebetulnya kenak sally xpadah jak sally suka kt nya sebab sally sedar sapa dirik sally sebelum nya pdh cermin dolok dirik  ya .Sally still rasa sally bukan taste prempuan nok nya suka :"( .Im a bit dissapointed .Mungkin nya lebih suka prempuan yg lebih cantik.Mungkin mn nya pilih gerek pn prempuan yg setaraf ngn nya .Hidup sally xsekaya mcm org lain .Sally orang yg sederhana jak ..Zse Lan xtauk yg sally suka nya but allah know everything .Let be Allah knows everything .Sometimes i have to faces all this pain by myself .Bila sally tauk yg zse lan bncik ngn sally , i feel so fucking down , down and down .Sally tauk sally penah polh salah cause anok nya lm fb maybe this serve me right .Honestly , masa ya sally marah alu2 bila tauk zse lan ada gerek baru .Sally marah cause sally terfikir 'apahal setiap lakie yg aku suka, aku xdapat tp orang lain yang dapat?! ,sama mcm sebelom tok aku suka kt Lemon tp org lain yg dapat , aku suka kt Timmy org  lain yg dapat , aku suka kt zse lan org lain yg dpt , apahal ,APAHALL!!! .So , that why lah sally polh status lm fb yg polh zse lan mrah and terus remove sally dari friendlist . :"( .That night my tears cant stop when thinking about him have a new GF .:"( .Masa nya gerek ngn shota dolok ,sally kecewa pasya nya gerek ngn nisa , sally kecewa then nya gerek ngn mbiak mukah sally teramat2 kecewa and sedih .Bulak lah mun sally pdh sally xsedih .Banyak kalie dah sally kecewa tp sally still suka nya .Mungkin sally terlampau setia .Makin sally mok lupak nya mkin ya sally rasa erhhh ... :"(( .Bila sally tauk zse lan bncik ngn sally , then i realise yang sally xkan penah dpt nya sampey bila2 .Sally just dpt tengok mukanya jak and trying to give him smile but i know he won't smile back at me mcm dkt pantai riya .If i give another chance , sally mok mintak maaf ngn nya .Sally xmok ada musuh and sally xmok org bncik kt sally .Okay well , actually he's first guy who makes me cry every night , he's first guy who im thinking about when im bored , and and he's first guy who shine all my single day and he's really mean to me .Nothing more word can describe hows my feeling toward him .Every single night sebelom sally tido this question appears in my mind "Should I move on ? But my heart still wanna holding . Cause He the ONE . .My friends told me that im afraid of love and i said No .Im not afraid of love but im afraid of nothing love being back .Just like how every boys that i like ,For example i love zse lan but i got nothing love being back .Okay thats all for today .I hope all of you enjoy reading about my feelin .Kinda , im freaking tired bcoz helping my mother gardening .Bye.
Oh yaa , btw i hope all of you enjoy listening to this music .Can you smile by Infinite .Actually , this is my favourite song because the lyric was so meaningful and same just like my story ,You can romanized it into english subtittle .so ,i hope you like it .BUBBYE :)))

                                                                                                     Sincerely Writer, 

She's smile but inside her smile alot of pain that she would never show it

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Hello my prettiest ,cuttiest ,hansome ,charming boys and girls .How are u today? Been up to much .Behehe . Okay , today i wanna share somethin about my feeling .Falling in love is a nice feeling .It is entirely an emotional matter and a majority of love arises almost spontaneously .Falling in love can occur at any time and in any place .But the most important part you have to fall in love with the same person again and again because this is the secret of marriage .So , well i dont like hiding , i do like to keep certain things to myself . kinda im fall in love with someone .You want to know who is it? .Zse Lan .Hmm i guess some of you recognize this guy isn't it? .Yea , actually i like him .I knew him from facebook .But unfortunetly , he never give me some inbox or chat .We never greet each other .very bad for me .Im not going to be arrogant .Im just waiting for him to greet me first . honestly i like when  a guy first chat or inbox with me .I feel akward when im start chat or inbox with somebody .Besides , im a shy shy girl ='.'= .Behehe .I just want a guy to be gentle bah .Normal lah mn lakie yang mulakan dolok kan? .Beheheh  .Okay , when i told to my friends , that i likeZse Lan they say i have to get over him because he's hot guy ,popular ,attractive .I know he's hot , i know he's popular ,i know he's attractive , i know i have no chance and i know he doesn't care .But i keep hoping .I cant get over him .Because kindaly , im in love . :) .Honestly , i've never have a boyfriend in my life .When a men ask me do i have a boyfriend and i say NO , they will say im LIAR .lol . Its such as waste lah mun sally mok bulak ngn torang .But the truth , i dont have a boyfriend lah stupid .I dont like people to say im LIAR if said a truthly things .Please lah . Memang sally pernah fall in love ngn sapa2 sebelum tok tapi xpernah lah bergerek coz all of them just give me a shit .Yeahh , semua nya xberbalas ,yerr ~ Behehe .Well , when a love doesn't get return , i feel so dissapointing and feel so down . I just want to find someone who deserve my heart , but not someone who play with it .Because i want my first love will be my first day with my boyfriend and we having a nice moments with .But yeah ,  i wonder who will be my first men? .If i want to looking a boyfriend , i want him taller than me so he can embrace my shoulder , caring , loving , intelligent , hansome , hardworking and older between on year because they more mature mcm zse lan .Gehehe :) .Okay , actually the worst feeling in the world is being hurt by someone we love .So , i dont want someone to hurt me because that is the worst feelin ever! .Okay , talking about a worst feeling .Actually , im kind so dissapointing when someone talk rubbish about me .Hey girl ,Is there anything problem if im not wear a headscarf? .Im not wear a tudung DOESNT MEAN IM BAD :'( .Im still not ready to wear actually .Because i still wanna enjoy my life .I like fashion , i like style and i like to colour my hair .So ,please lah .stop being envious person .Aku xkaco idup , koe iboh kaco idup .get it bitch?. Oh ya , maybe all of you wonder and keep asking why me shouldn't straight the point say i like zse lan? .Hmm , haha honestly im shy .Im not afraid , im just afraid nothing love being back .Besides , i have a pride so i have to care my pride as a girl .Because my pride and my dignity are the important things i have to care really really nicely .Sebab , dari maruah lah orang akan menilai kita perempuan mcm ney kan? .Behehe .My prinsip just a simple . 1) Even i want that person so badly , but i have to keep my mouth shut and i believe 1day he will know that i like him coz still wanna care my pride , 2) walaupun org menilai sally dari segi pemakaian contoh sally xpakey tudung or my style mcm org korean*org padah lah* but i still have a pride .What i mean i still have a virgin coz my prinsip senang jak only my the only one husband can touch my body .Walaupun , orang fikir sally tok bad girl coz cidak menilai dari luaran jak , actually they were wrong .Dont judge books by its cover .Luaran , macam jahat , buruk BUT dalam Bersih , Suci , Baik , Elok .Okay? .Well , actually im a crazy too , chubby but not fat behehe , hardworking , loving , caring and so on lah .haha .yerr ~ puji dirik sendirik .Behehe .Im kidding .Kehehe . ;D . Okay so here , i just wanna say that i like someone just now andddd i hope one day he will know that i like him ehh .God willing me .And i hope lah org yang sally suka skarang tok xmcm laki2 sebelum tok yang sally suka .Because all of them just give me a bullshit nothing love being back .I hope zse lan is a nice person .But i dont want to force him to like me , if he doens't like me back .It okay .Because im happy with myself and im fine .Maybe , im not richest likes others but i want rich with perempuan yg bermaruah and greatest behaviour .And yeah , this is who i am .So , i think stakat tok jak la .Update pnjang2 pun kelak boring org baca , tapi jangan lah boring view lah my blog selalu kehh :) .So , im done share my feeling and hell yeah , sally rasa lega coz dapat share ngn takorg . Even tonight im sad and feel so down but sharing my feeling with all of you can make me a little bit happy .Behehe .Bubbye , Annyeong :) Before i sleep , sally mok blagu lok '' i need you babe babe babe , i want you babe babe babe , stop stop breaking my heart i love you boy , stop stop breaking my heart i need you boy , i need you boy oh my love , i miss you boy , oh my boy - teentop (crazy)  .Gudnite . 
    Sincerely writer ,

Monday, 23 January 2012


Each day i am thankful for night that turned into morning , friends that turned to family , dreams that turned to reality and LIKES turned to INTO LOVE . Okay guyss , its been a long long time agos im not update my blog , isnt it? . Gonna miss you all the readers . Okay , as usual i will update my daily life and as you know blog is the only one places that i can express my feelin :) . Okay , Actually im having trouble looking for a right guy my lucky first love .Hell-yeah . Well , im just looking someone who can treat me nicely , can understand me , sincerely love me and LOVE WHO I AM . Hey guys , honestly i like someone but i cant mention his name .Only God knows who are him . I just wanna keep my secret and i hope one days he will knows that i like him so freaking much and he's the only one .Behehe :) . I definite , maybe all of the reader wonder and keep on asking 'why me shouldn't just tell him straight to the point that i like him , arent you'? .Yaa , if i have a chance i wanna be honest to tell him indirectly , BUT im a girl i have a pride so i just can keep my mouth SHUT to make sure my PRIDE and my harga diri sentiasa terjaga and clean .Behehe . So , im just waiting jak lah .Waiting him to says " KMK SUKA KTK " on his OWN voice .But , I dont know lah wether he like me or not .But , honestly i sincerely love him .He's the lucky guy for me .Many have called but choosen are Him .Behehe :) .But , unfortunetly  he likes someone who wear a TUDUNG . Im not wearing a tudung doesn't mean IM BAD . DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER .I found some others girl who wear a tudung are MORE WILD than the girl who not wearing a tudung .P /S "Jangan pandang rendah dengan wanita yang tidak bertudung , kerana wanita yang bertudung belum tentu sempura dan belum tentu baiknya .Seperti yang anda tahu tiada siapa yang sempurna di dunia ini setiap kita sering melakukan kesalahan" . So here , who can get me only knows who i am .Even im not wear a tudung , but i still have a pride and harga diri .Im not smokers , im not kaki clubbing , im not kaki melepak and im not kaki lelaki (playrgirl) Aku xpernah disentuh oleh mana-mana lelaki .Im not ready to wear a tudung because i still wanna enjoy my life .I love fashionable and i love style .I love to colour my hair , i love to wear a stylish stlyle ( not seksi) and i dont like to wear a short pants . Walaupun rambutku dye tapi HATIku still BAIK .I will wear a tudung when my age turn to 23 when im success in my life.When my age on 20-22 my time to enjoy .Behehe :) Okay , i dont care what people going to says about me . You poret , you punya dosa lahh .Behehe :D . So ,people who really close to me will now how good behaviour i am what i mean my boyfriend (sooner) *god willing me * . Okay , i want to sleep liao . and i love you chinese guys .Behehe :) .

Forever Love ,