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Monday, 23 January 2012


Each day i am thankful for night that turned into morning , friends that turned to family , dreams that turned to reality and LIKES turned to INTO LOVE . Okay guyss , its been a long long time agos im not update my blog , isnt it? . Gonna miss you all the readers . Okay , as usual i will update my daily life and as you know blog is the only one places that i can express my feelin :) . Okay , Actually im having trouble looking for a right guy my lucky first love .Hell-yeah . Well , im just looking someone who can treat me nicely , can understand me , sincerely love me and LOVE WHO I AM . Hey guys , honestly i like someone but i cant mention his name .Only God knows who are him . I just wanna keep my secret and i hope one days he will knows that i like him so freaking much and he's the only one .Behehe :) . I definite , maybe all of the reader wonder and keep on asking 'why me shouldn't just tell him straight to the point that i like him , arent you'? .Yaa , if i have a chance i wanna be honest to tell him indirectly , BUT im a girl i have a pride so i just can keep my mouth SHUT to make sure my PRIDE and my harga diri sentiasa terjaga and clean .Behehe . So , im just waiting jak lah .Waiting him to says " KMK SUKA KTK " on his OWN voice .But , I dont know lah wether he like me or not .But , honestly i sincerely love him .He's the lucky guy for me .Many have called but choosen are Him .Behehe :) .But , unfortunetly  he likes someone who wear a TUDUNG . Im not wearing a tudung doesn't mean IM BAD . DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER .I found some others girl who wear a tudung are MORE WILD than the girl who not wearing a tudung .P /S "Jangan pandang rendah dengan wanita yang tidak bertudung , kerana wanita yang bertudung belum tentu sempura dan belum tentu baiknya .Seperti yang anda tahu tiada siapa yang sempurna di dunia ini setiap kita sering melakukan kesalahan" . So here , who can get me only knows who i am .Even im not wear a tudung , but i still have a pride and harga diri .Im not smokers , im not kaki clubbing , im not kaki melepak and im not kaki lelaki (playrgirl) Aku xpernah disentuh oleh mana-mana lelaki .Im not ready to wear a tudung because i still wanna enjoy my life .I love fashionable and i love style .I love to colour my hair , i love to wear a stylish stlyle ( not seksi) and i dont like to wear a short pants . Walaupun rambutku dye tapi HATIku still BAIK .I will wear a tudung when my age turn to 23 when im success in my life.When my age on 20-22 my time to enjoy .Behehe :) Okay , i dont care what people going to says about me . You poret , you punya dosa lahh .Behehe :D . So ,people who really close to me will now how good behaviour i am what i mean my boyfriend (sooner) *god willing me * . Okay , i want to sleep liao . and i love you chinese guys .Behehe :) .

Forever Love ,

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