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Saturday, 5 March 2011

never FORGET today

oh nooo !!! . was so heppy today baa . guess what?? . today im havin hangout with my lovely buddyS . very2 special person MR .F _ _ _ Y . that was our first met . shit! . he is very gila-gila . i like it . first time met him , i swear his face was exactly like korean . OMG ! . only God can know what im feel that time . yaa , actually im shy with him . but , then , we going crazy together . hahha . lol . he's the boy that have the most wonderful style . i like his dresses , hair , shirt , shoes all the branded things . oh God , very hnsem >< . oke then , yiki just mok mdh ya jak tekk . sok yiki cyta suma nya k . waitin , tym tok mok texting ngn nya . bubye . love u so strong mr. f_ _ _y .

Thursday, 3 March 2011

stop sayin im FAKER oke ! . buzzz .

ohh shit! . someone tell me im a faker . excuse me , if u think that way just go ahead laa . watever matters is im not FAKE ! . before u wanna making story about me think twice oke . who are u to judge someone else?? . are u perfect enough ! . fuck! .  if u xpuas aty ilak jak ngn yiki , indirectly face to face laa . then , u know i'm faker or not . i dare u !! . i know u jealous about me with MR.F_ _ _ _Y rite?? . oke , then . if u wanna him go ahead . just take him . idc! . mn u mok embak kue kaie sal lakie , xpyah jak laa . xkue eran . xjuak kue dpat duit mn kaie sal sorg lakie . >< .

hey girl , BACK OFF !! . stop sayin im faker !! . because u are more faker than me .haha . u hate me?? . i hate u too maa .fyi , if u want to be famous , iboh laa mok publish ngn suma org mdh yiki tok faker ! . sorry laa oo . bik malue jak baa . U SO JERK !! .eeeeyyuuukkkk ,.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

take care of my GIRLFRIEND | story :)

today , i wanna share some story . story started when this boy meet one girl that very2 cute and beauty . one day , a boy accompany that girl to buy some flower to her mother for her mother's birthday . there are very bestfriend . the girl didnt know that a boy love her since their first sight . many guys love that girl . next day , a boy dare to be honestly to said that he love her . when a boy say ' i love u so much , would u be mine? ' . that girl a lot of blurring . but the girl said ' i love u too and i should be yours ' . a boy and a girl was  so happy . and the had a long lasting relationship . 

one years later , a girl classmate was very jealousy when they know that a girl and a boy couple. so , they make a nonsense story about her boy . a girl was so fucking upset when she knew that her boyfie has another girl . actually , that was not real story . she believe what her friends say about her boyfie . indirectly , a girl meet her boyfie and she tell alls the story to him . a girl was to sadness and angry and suddenly one words out from her mouth ' let break off , its over . i hate u so much ' . then , the girl ran away while crying ." they break off "

a boy write a letter about his love . he miss his gf so much . he said that love of first sight its very2 hard to forget . " for those who already taken by my special girl , please take care of my girlfriend " . if a boy have a chance , the boy will say like that to his new girlfriend boyfriend ..

Boringg MODE -.-

huhhh. its such as waste . today im so borring .what im gonna do?? . so , jum taa blogging . boring juak asa xskolh tok aiee . apa ndak kaa dpolh bestiest2 aku kt kelas . ritok tekk , kue g ospital . da appoiment ngn doktor pakar . ish3 , bnyak laa juak kejadian nok lucu2 .tym dha smpey ospital tek , da gik lepa kue putus . ya bruk kimen . cikai daa jak . nsib xda org ngga . nsib juak kue daa bak lepa spay tekk . mn xtek , nang malu beb! .hahaha . .^^,