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Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Okay , every night im SAD haiss what a BAD feelin .kinda ~ im alone and lonely .My OMMA and OPPA trip to SIBU . ==' 
Ada kawan tapi mcm takda KAWAN haiss , they enjoy with their LIFE but me haiss just forget 'bout that laa .

Im feel SADLY because i more LISTENING sad SONG piano version maybe ,kinda ~ all of the song was GREAT and TOUCHED when we hear it . ==' .When im listen to PARADISE by INFINITE piano version  i feel like more peacefully , feelin alive and a little SAD laa ==
BUT when im listen to BECAUSE IM STUPID by SS501 waa ~ automatically im cheerful and i imagine that i was with KIM HYUN JOONG .*LOL* .im sure if u listen to because im stupid piano version , Sally gerenti all of u will LOVE this song .^^,

But , my SCAR in my heart still PAIN .*yerr* .No people cant feel what each others feel .They just can say * yaa ~ i know what u feel bout* but fact , they doesnt feel it actually .They just PRETEND to knew what we feel .Sometimes we just say IM FINE because its difficult to find someone who  actually LISTEN and CARES about our LIFE .yaa ~ just like me nobody knews what im feel just now .Many things i had to FACE by myself .My FRIENDS , FAMILY all of the importance for me BUT .............
Especially my FRIENDS ,when im SAD i thought they will stand by my side BUT they enjoy will their BF/GF .Im feel very LONELY .Sometimes i want to LUAHKAN PERASAAN at somebody but WHOM?.Now , im really LONELY .IM so freaking LONELY . =='

I dont know what WRONG with me .Im feel so BAD, DOWN, MUDDY *whatwrongwithusallyfuck!*
Plus, maybe i cant forget HIM .yaa ~ im admit that sometimes im JEALOUS when i READ his status. I know imma such as JERK but honestly , that was im feel baa .I can LIE my friends BUT i cant LIE myself .its the truth im JEALOUS .*sorry :(* .I still REMEMBER what my AUNT told that love of first sight not easy to forget  ~ damn its true >.< .
" IM NOT INTERESTED INLOVE BUT LIKE ,SERIOUSLY .yea ~ my brother made a slogan for me . Well ,that true bhaa im not interested in love but when i like someone i like them seriously .err ~ accidentally , i miss my BROTHER .What are he doing just now? .^^ .

Before this , i like someone .BUT its all dissapear and flew far far away because he already has a GF .So , im STOP liking him and its good way for me .Then , i met someone and he opened my heart to liking someone again .*yerrdeh* .BUT , yaa ~also the same he likes someone else .Every people that i like at the END im HOPELESS *im just liking them only xterpikir mok gerek pun* .Sometimes when i said that i like them , i just waitin them to said that they like me too , just that word i want nothing else but kinda ,the words that can be describe me is HOPELESS .It okay baa , i KNOW who i am . I have to ACCEPTED the fate . :) 

haiss ~ i cant STOP listening because im STUPID .That song was very SPECIAL baa .First i knew that song when im watchin BOY OVER FLOWER .apuuu , YEPPOYO actress such as lee minho , kimbun and kimjun .Did u know what mean "yeppoyo"  .Yeppoyo means CUTE liao .>.<
I wish someday i will got KOREAN GUY .*god willing me* .
Haiss ~ im worried 'bout my health .Cuaca pun tidak menentu .Sometimes my nose bleeding cause its too HOT .Every month i have an appoiment with DOCTOR .He said that my blood result was very HIGH and makin TERUK  .*im worry* maybe i did not eat medicine that he gave to me or maybe i think to much .Every day i have to wakeup early morning to eat medicine kinda lazy laa .==' .But i have to throw away my LAZY attitude . just what my PAPA said " mun xmakan ubat sendiri yang sakit bukan papa oo remember that " yaa paa i remember that .err ~ i think no need to no laa Sally sakit apa .Okay .kinda ~ my tears going out already .nadai mood mau UPDATED my blog .thanks for READING . :'( :'( 

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