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Saturday, 22 October 2011


ANNYEONG peeps .how's today? feelin gud :')
err~ kinda tonight im feelin BAD and TOUCHED

While im HANGOUT with me FRIENDS ,deep inside my HEART i feel JEALOUS when i saw them TOGETHER .I knew it such as WEIRD feelin but everybody have their OWN feeling kan .Mun sally tauk cdak ya tek BRING their GEREK xda sally mok EKOT >w<'' sally sorang2 jak jalan kat blakang cdak D: usually ,when we HAPPY with our BF/GF we will forget our FRIENDS but when we in TROUBLE or SAD or CLASH baruk mok carik KAWAN masa takorg HAPPY ,kawan dilupa, kawan ditinggal sorang2 .YAKAH NAMA KAWAN?huh ~*annoying* .

At the same time while we ate at SUSHI KING ,directly my friend said 
ASHLEY : sally where u BF?.its seem that u SINGLE.u didnt feel ALONE kaa?'
ME           : nope .ee ,im lazy to talk 'bou that laa .although wht hppen my BF still YOSEOP .haha
ASHLEY : weyy ,im seriouslaa .
ME          : im serious too .
ASHLEY : or maybe , kamu tak laku .takda org suka! haha ,*i stll remember wht u told ashley*

FRIENDS ,how could u say that .i have no IDEA what u talking 'bout .HOW DARE U D: .only GOD knows EVERYTHING .dalam hati teringin mok mdh "fyi, how much people inbox ,chat ,text to invite me to be their GF but I STILL SAY NO because i know IM SPECIAL AND LIMITED EDITION *hanya lakie yang TERTENTU and MAMPU to get me* .But look at you Ashley ,how many MENS that u had HOLDING their HAND how many shoulder that u had EMBRACED how much guys that u had HUG ,where your PRIDE? ."

kinda ~ it such as waste  to have a BF now .we are still young baa .all we have to do is STUDY alot .Capai lok impian Sally and when it comes true haa baru laa carik BF kan2 :') .

Ashley, u wanna know why i still doesnt has a BF .because i want to be like ROSES .BEAUTIFUL SMELLY but SUKAR UNTUK DISENTUH .yaa~ sukar untuk sentuh OLEH LELAKI! u get it ASHLEY! .Im not like u Ashley" .We are totally different .In my opinion , yaa~ memang Sally xlaku bcause i choose guy that really2 good for me bha.I DONT CARE what people gonna say *dosa sendiri yang tanggung* .Cdak mok madah xlaku kaa, xpopular kaa ,xda org suka kaa AM I CARE because i TRUST that one GOD WILL SEND ME A SPECIAL GUY AND IM READY TO SAY YES .
my inspiration*i dont know why when i saw him i am spirited to live

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