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Monday, 14 November 2011


Okay, hellow peeps .ehe ~ hmm , tonight i wanna share something about novel that i read .Kindaly , its all about sadness story .I done read CHAPTER ONE and personally i really really TOUCHED about it .So ,here are some dialogue and part of the stories and i cut it to short stories laa kehh .So , hope all of u will enjoy it and thinking about it deeply .

*chapter one : U MY EVERYTHINGS

GIRL : hey baby , i want to show you ...
BOY : (cutting her off) ughh im so mad , please dont disturb me !
GIRL : why? .what wrong dear?
BOY : Ughhh everything !
GIRL : explain baby
BOY : i just lost a championship game, parent flipped out on me for no reason, and im catching a cold .
GIRL : well ,hey there will always be other games, u know i'll take care of u when your sick. what your parents flip about?.
BOY : They are making me pay them for a car repair .
GIRL : is it a lot of money
BOY : no it just sucks .but hey i dont feel well . im going to go lay down .Bye .
GIRL : wait , i want to give u something .
BOY : cant it wait till tomorrow ?
GIRL : hmm , okay sure then .Bye love u till the rest of my life *showing a innocence face* Bye .

2 hours later , a friend of hers asks her to go for a drive .Her friend swerved to aroud a truck and hitting a tree instead .Her friend was kill instantly ,but she's in critical condition .

*this is the conversation between her sister and her boyfriend*
SISTER : OMG (crying)
BOY      : What ? whats wrong?
SISTER : my sister ..your girlfriend was involved in a major car wreck
BOY      : is she OK??
SISTER : she's in critical condition .
BOY      : i'll be there in 10 minutes

He show up to the hospital room ..standing outside the door going over the last conversation in his mind over and over as he heard the machines beep and beep and breathing tubes pump oxygen into her lungs .

BOYS : she wanted to give me something or tell me something
GIRLS MOM : yeah ,this ..

It was an develope smelling like she sealed it with a kiss in lipstick 
He opened it ..
It said ... " You're everything to me.. I love you with everything i am and everything i have .. i want to spend the rest of my life with you " 
Sealed in it was a ripped movie ticket from the first movie they went to ..and the first picture they took together ..He kissed the picture as a tears fell from his faces onto the picture .It looked as if in the picture she was crying ...

Then the machines flatlined ..3 minutes later she was pronounced dead .

So , how sad isn't it? .i hope u like and understand about the story .That girl just want him to know that how much he really really important to her .When the girl wanna give somthing to her boyfriend ,it seem that her boyfriend not really care about it and he wait for tommorow .But unfortunetly ,his girlfriend was dead cause accident and his girlfriend xsempat mok berik surat ya ngn nya pun bf .hmm ~ so ,moral of here .guyss , if someone or ur own gf want to give u somthing , directly says "what is it?" .Dont wait for tommorow cause u know what , we dont know what will happen next .Just like this stories .His gf was accident nya xsempat mok beri surat ya ngn gerek nya .aaa ~ so i hope that boys or girls ecspecially for the couple ,if someone wanna give u something accept it on the time .dont wait for tommorow .Jangan sampai org yg kita sayang meninggalkan kita and masa ya , xguna gik kita mok menyesal .hee ~ :')

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