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Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Okay guys .Tonight i wanna all of you share you feelin and well ,as usual i will share about all my feelin hee ~ .Kinda ~ tonight i feel a bit emo and TOUCHED i dont know laa .Maybe im listen to Suddenly by Kim bo Kyung Ost City Hunter .I thought all of u watchin that movie rite? .Its cool isnt it? .hee ~ Okay , my cousin says that GUYS hate girl "OVERREACT" .is it true? .errm ~ maybe yaa .Somtimes , i feel that im overact ehh . :'( .Peeps, did u ever fall for someone you know u should'nt? .Kindly ,i feel that .I try to hide my feelin, but its so hard im just couldn't .He's only a friend ,and can be nothing else .Thats the LIE i keeping telling myself .Im so happy in his presence ,but reminding myself it could never happen .A simple meet of the eyes turn into a STARE .Im hide my feeling so no ONE can see .hee ~ .I dont want to tell his friends because i would get EMBARRASED .:'( .So i just keep my feeling bottled up and tell nobody . :) .Sometimes ,when we love someone we will get TIRED for waiting them , too many fights , misunderstanding , argument , forgiveness and sorry .But trust me ehh ,when the times comes u will realize that all  of the sacrifices will make ur relationship STRONGER .Okay , some of girl feel that they was a apple trees .Xsemua ompuan rasa mcm yaa cause sesetengah cdak sanggup gadaikan maruah untuk seorg lelaki .For those girl who still VIRGIN *sorry yaa for the harsh word* "girl ,if u cant save ur relationship , at least save ur pride .Its okay if u cant save ur relationship actually it was better cause u have make a good decision to letting them go .There are still alot of guys that will really2 cares about u and love u so , please im begging u save ur PRIDE" .:') .A good girl will make them like APPLE TREES .The best ones are at the top of the tree.The boys dont want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling down and get hurt .Instead, they just get the rotten apples from the ground that arent as good, but easy :') .So ,the apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they're amazing actually .They just have to wait for the right boy to come along the one who berani panjat pokok epal tuu :') .And ,always all the time Sally rasa sally pun mcm pokok epal yaa .Just waitin someone who really really brave catch me .hee ~ When, somtimes sally rasa ALONE, LONELY or maybe im not okay ,Its feel good to hear someone say "take care" but i feels so much better to hear someone "i will take care of you" .LOL .im just waitin for that word kindly . >.< .yeahh ~ im a strong person but sometimes i would like somone to take my hand and say everything will be alright .and i think twice .WHO? .haiss ~ hmm ,when my friends ask me what is the hardest things in my life .We gave our difference answer like one of my friends says hardest things in her life was math , science ,cook and so on .When they ask me ,my answer simple .The hardest thing in my life was watchin the someone i love , LOVE/LIkE someone else .Well , the truth baa .Ofcouse ,we will feel bad when we see someone we like , like someone else . :'( .err ~ i dont know laa why so many girls fall in love with the wrong guys, simply because the wrong guys say the right thing .bak kata pepatah ''AYAT MAIN PERANAN'' lol >.< . yaa ~ before this i have been fall in love and we in the relationship BUT xlamak pasya ya BREAK OFF :'( .Cause i had fall in love with wrong person and i admit it :'( .Xsampey seminggu sally gerek ngn nya .He was my FIRST LOVE i dont knew wheather nya tauk or xtauk Sally xtauk laa .I thought that FIRST LOVE was BEAUTIFUL ,SWITT but kindly , first love made me HURT , DISSAPOINTED and i made my own desicion i will never fall in love again and i will forget all our memories and its work when i met someone ,  immediatelly my heart open to fall in love again .But yaa ~ maybe i fall in love with wrong person again , maybe . cause he likes someone . ~ Sometimes, when its raining ,i will go outside and walk .Cause its the only time i can cry without anyone knowing .Girl, just try it .its awesome .Sally confirm , u feel better after that but u will catch flu laa .But its sokay baa coz fever xsakit tapi scars at your heart nobody knows and its freaking pain more pain than fever .I've through it before .But always told to myself NEVER GIVE UP just for one guys .Life must go on .Maybe ,we are different .Different RACE different AGE different err i dont know many different .lol .It sokay then .I realize it .Maybe, God doesn't give me the people that i like, Cause one day he will gives the PEOPLE THAT NEED ME and im just waitin for that day . :') .I will continue continue and continue PRAY cause i believe that when GOD steps in , MIRACLE WILL HAPPEN .yaa ~ .But honestly , its hard to FORGET somone like you cause i have never met type of boy like you ehh .I know forgetting somone we love was really hurt .Just like u , its hard for you to forget that girl and u still hopping and waiting her . Same with me .But i realize that someday i will stop waitin when i saw u with someone that u like then .So , day by day im just trying to find someone who appreciate me better . :') 


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