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Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Wow its been aged im not update my blog isn't it? .Well , im busy helping my friend doing their assigment  about all korean guys we searching for someone who look alike korean guys laa err , also known as ulzang laa for short .Kindaly , it fun i saw many people were send their picture through email and yeahh sometimes i cant stand when i saw their super duper cute faces HAHA LOL >.< .
So tonight im not going to tell about ulzzang but yeayyy it DECEMBER .Happy December for all and Merry Christmas sooner ehee ~ .My new song for my blog 'back to december by taylor swift' such as sweet song and i love it .Yea , accidentally i miss my friend TIMMY .Well i still remember when he sang me this song on 16 December 2010 my Aunty's wedding dinner .OMG , u know what i little bit touched and little bit shame LOL >.< i just cant believed it when he say like that and yeahh seriously i feel that i wanna laugh loudly and and deep inside my heart keep on telling ''what wrong with himX10++'' .But yeah , for me that was best moment for me in my life .Well , first time in my life guy sing for me .Im glad when he said im a special girl ..i really glad it .I just looking someone to say me imma  special girl .Always asking to myself am i a special girl? *keep on repeating it while looking at the mirror* and yeahh I GOT IT ! .And honestly i LOVE him as my friends .no more than that .I just wanna have a long lasting relationship with him not as a boyfriend but as a BESTFRIEND .*kalau jodoh takkan kemana , am i right?* .Yeahh that was truly right .We just can plan and GOD will determine all the things .Remember my word yaa , dont afraid , sadness or hopeless if we cant get who we want just remember that god is almighthy .I believe that one day we will meet our true love and ready to be bride/bridegroom and that call as marriage partner by God .No need to regret when we lost our relationship .Sometimes , because of love people can do anything out of mind and because of love people willing to kill them self .Haiss ~ .Sometimes i wonder what wrong with people just now .We have a brain to think but why still doing such as stupid things and out of mind .haiss haiss ==' .and yeaa i miss my friends alot especially timmy .What were he doing ohh? .Kinda , i miss him so freaking much .I miss his cute laughing .Sound like bicyle handbreak .HAHA LOL .I hope Timmy fine there .Just wait for him comeback from KL . Okay then .Its okay when u arrive at bintulu then i will sing u back to december HAHA >.< So guys , hope all of you enjoy the song and have a great day on DECEMBER yahh .Bubbye :) 


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