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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Well , 16.11 , today was my BIRTHDAY .So , my bunny rabbit cake .Hmm yummy delicious :) .Okay , today alot of PRESENT i got from my friends , cousin and family .Kinda , all of the stuffs was great and EXPENSIVE one .Oh , im so appreciate it .Yaa ~ have a nice day with them but i dont know why i feel a little bit DOWN .Maybe , i feel that i have been ignoring again ,maybe laa .Wondering if the person i thinking about is thinking about me too? .Today was my great days but why i must be sad .Suddenly i feel so sad .haiss ~ I AM SO SUCKS !Maybe i still remember what my sister gonna told me .Last night , me with my sister talked ABOUT GUY .Well ~ kinda we're such as boring and before we take a naped we talked lahh about guys .So , i told her about someone that i like .Well , she give me her opinion .She said that if we like someone yeah tell them .Dont keep it longly .And i say to her i already tell them that i like him but nothing change pun but moreover i have been ignoring adalah .ALWAYS .and my sister said "sometimes ,guys are not same ,some part of them shy to express their feelin and they waiting a girl first to say i love , would u like to be my bf , i like you and so on but some part of them gentlemen directly they will invite us to be his gf , so i think lil sis , the person that u like just now maybe he's SHY boy maybe he waiting for you to say that word " .LOL .I hope what my sister told to me that was TRUE if im the one that he waiting for .But IMPOSSIBLE lahh .Well , i feel AWKWARD if im the first one who start all the things .I LIKE GENTLEMEN .cause its NORMAL if GUY first who ask a favor like "would u like to be my gf?" well , that was a true man actually .For my opinoin laa maybe the others girl have different opinion but my opinoin is , if  im the one who ask someone to be my boyfriend ,kinda ~ i feel that my PRIDE drop ehh .Yaa , memang xslah mun kta mok seseorg ya jd gerek kita BUT kta sbagai perempuan just dpt tunggu lakie ya dolok pdh and mun kta suka kt org ya its better if we say that we like them first .At least one by one we give them clue that we want them  ,well that was what i feel just now waiting one word ehe ~ that is my opinoin lahh am i right? .hee ~ .And last night kuat alu jak Sally berangan ehh .LOL .And my sister ask me "did he ever call u" and sally padah xpenah alu nya call Sally tapi texts ada laa .Ya pun sometimes .My sister want me to call him .Haiss ~ gilaa kaa .Xmok sally malu arrr .Da gik perempuan call lakie .ishhh ~ xmok laa .and my sister said " aiee ,mun dakya apalah guna nya genk ,genk ajak baa" .LOL .Honestly , memang laa Sally teringin juak mok dengar suara nya tp nevermind laa .Im just waiting him to call me first .hehe ~ :D .neylah tauk suara nya kiut kaa macho kaa .HAHAH LOL .well , this is me KUAT BERANGAN .haha LOL .ishh , xkesah lah I AM WHO I AM .U dont know me just BACKOFF and keep your mouth SHUT ! .uhuhh ~ .Hmm , its been age im not seeing him online .haiis ~kinda , i miss him .hee ~ .Lama dah Sally xchit-chat ngn nya .Selalunya lah , nya sorg jak sally lyn chat .Mun ada org nok Sally xkenal malas laa Sally mok layan STRANGERS .Lantak cdak laa mok mdh sombong .I DONT CARE .Tapi mlm tok SUNYI jak CHATBOX xda nya .Im wonder ehh , hows his feeling when he read all about my BLOG? .Maybe a bit ANNOYED and DISGUSTED? .Hmm ,tonight im feel so lonely all my parents , cousin sleep already but me still hell yeah still write my BLOG lahh .ehekehek ~ ehh , last friday night ,yerr ~ i was dreaming .I dreaming about him ..SUNGGYU .But , Sally hairan .Dalam mimpi sally ya nama nya bukan Sunggyu tapi GREYSON CHANCE .hahah .LOL .But my dreaming was soooo SWITT ehh .He gave me a HUG .OMG ! , mun bena kn best :'( .But i realize its only just a DREAM .Haaaa , latest story .Especially for the GIRL .Its better if u PRIVATE all of your picture cause I dont know who "stranger" will grab ur picture and he will upload ur picture and edit ur picture naked . BE ALERT .So , i hope that u PRIVATE ur picture .  .Eee , macam2 dah sekarang oo .Dunia makin moden makin teruk .Haiss ~ .Okay laa .Sally rasa panjang alu jak blog sally updated tok .Okay , ANNYEONG .I JUST CAN SAY THAT I LOVE U SO MUCH .ececeh , jiwang la pulak ,Hee ~ ,xpa baa .Hati da taman berbunga-bunga gik yaa .NYTE all .Sarangheyo .IcedLEMONtea .Sorry arr .kekekekekek ~

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