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Thursday, 10 November 2011


Okay , guys tonight just a little post not to much cause im not feel well kinda sick .So, here are some of picture REGARDING HYUNSEUNG'S CRYING INCIDENT at Shanghai .*poor seungie :'( * 
* u can click on this picture and see sparkle eye of seungie .he start to cry when nobody 
support him*
*try to cover up his face and wipe out his tear* 

hmm ,poor seungie :'( . When B2uty fans were allowed to get one signature from the member , fifty number were allocated for each of the boys .However, YOSEOP was very POPULAR ,his numbers were gone in a short while, so YOSEOP stands had to take number for each members, among them HYUNSEUNG'S numbers .When the press conference started, every member had alot of support except HYUNSEUNG .There were no noticeable difference, and HYUNSEUNG crying incident happened during the press con .Eee ~ poor seungie .Wanna see it more clear search it on youtube by urself .He gave a FAKE smile and pretend that nothing happen .But deep inside he's heart , actually he was so sad .He's tears come out slowly when he yawning .just watch it from youtube and u will know it then .Poor seungie .hmm , dont worry seungie i am ur hug fan kehh .poor u seungie :'( .Btw , enjoy my new blog song .ON RAINY DAY by BEAST . This song give me inspired .i like part of chorus .Yoseop voice make me melt ehh .Enjoy it kehh .Denga lagu ya sampey abis .Best ;') .

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