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Thursday, 17 November 2011


Well , hello guys .Hows today .All gonna be fine? .me? .IM FINE but i catch a fever cause main hujan petang tek .ehe ~ Okay .while im boring , i will spend my time to readi .Well , i like reading actually .Whatever kind of book at surely enjoy laa .And today i read book that i dont know what it name cause the cover wrote in JAPAN language .I cant understand it .==' .But i like it .The book tell how couple look alike .Yeah , im not boring read this book sebab nya pun cerita in dialog baa .Besst .So , i wanna share something lah what i read about .And hope all of u will enjoy it .Kinda ~ i like this story coz macam switt ajak ehh .HUHUHU >.<


BOY : I need someone to talk to ..
GIRL :Yeah , im always here for you ..
BOY : I know ..
GIRL : What wrong? ..
BOY :  I like her sooooo muchh ..
GIRL : Talk to her ..
BOY : I dont know , she will never like me ..
GIRL : Dont say that .You are amazing ..
BOY : I just wanna tell her how i feel ..
GIRL : Then tell her ..
BOY : She won't like me ..
GIRL : Well , just tell her ..
BOY : What should i say? ..
GIRL : Tell her how much you like her ..
BOY : I tell her that daily .
GIRL : What do you mean? ..
BOY : Im always with her .I love her ..
GIRL : I know how you feel .I have the same problem .But he will never like me ..
BOY : Wait .WHO DO you like? ..
GIRL : Ohh , some boy ..
BOY : Owwh , she wont like me either .
GIRL : She does .
BOY : How do you know? .
GIRL : Because who wouldn't like you? .
BOY : YOU ..
GIRL :  You are wrong .I love you .
BOY : I love you too .
GIRL : So,,,are you going to tell her?
BOY : I just did it ! <3 


GIRL : We're bestfriend, right? ..
BOY : Yes , of course ..
GIRL : So be honest with me , who do you like? ..
BOY : No one .I love someone .
GIRL : Oh , she must be very lucky ..
BOY : Definitely , I've loved her ever since i met her
GIRL : Really? Well , since we're bestfriend , i wanna meet her .Go call her .
BOY : Oh okay *and boy takes out his phone, dials her number and phones her*.
GIRL : Wait ,hold on I think I'm getting a call .*answer the phone*
BOY : I LOVE YOU <3 .. 


A girl asked her boyfriend
GF : Why do you love me?
BF : I have no reason ..
GF : No .Give me a reason ..
BF : Ohkay ,'Coz you're beautiful, caring n attractive ..

*Girl was satisfied,
Then one day she got sick and loook terribly thin, pale and weak ..

GF : Do you still love me? ..
BF : Now that you're not pretty and attractive do i have a reason to love love you?. .

Girl cried ..
The boy hold her hand and say ..

BF : Now you understand? .

"Love doesn't need reason.
I love You and still love you no matter what Happen . 

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