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Friday, 11 November 2011


Okay, hello peeps .hows today? .waa ~ today was a really NICE date oo 11.11.11 .But just a few minute later date will changes to 12.11.11 .So ,tonight i wanna share bout my feelin to all of u :') .11.11.11 nice date but nothing happended to me ;'( .Many thing i had wish last night .Hmm ,but its okay laa .Maybe ,some day GOD will hear my wishes  and it will come true GOD WILLING ME .:') Prayer is the BACKBONE to every situation in my life .Okay ,kindaly ~im at my cousin house ==' .haiss ~ boring coz all of them already sleep .Maybe they are tired coz kena bully Sally petang tek .Poor them .HHAH >.<  .To love someone is nothing ,to be loved by someone is somthing to be loved is exciting BUT to be loved by GOD is everything .I like this qoutes .Its really mean for me . coz its gave me inspirit to me not being hurt and hopeless :') .Like i said LIFE MUST GO ON .Wheater we have to face all the big or small problem life must go on coz life is to SHORT and we must enjoy it ;') .Okay, for me falling in love is like jumping off a tall building .hee ~ your brains will tell you it is not a good idea ,BUT  your heart tells you can fly .You love someone but u scared and wonder if person u like will broke ur heart but deep inside ur heart feel that he was the right guy for you .Just like me , im not afraid to LOVE ,but im afraid of NOTHING BEING LOVE BACK .Im scared if i being hurt for the second time .My cousin said to me " you're too pretty to be SINGLE" lol .and i said " yaa ~ that why laa i will single for ever'' and he said ''aie ,why lorr" and i said "u say im pretty to be single ,so i will single laa hehehe " . :) .Err~ If someone ask we "did u have a boyfriends yet" kinda , bored to hear that word but when i say NO directly they will say "BULAK KTK YA!" haiss ~ somtimes , im touched when they say me like that .==' muka Sally tok ada kedak pembulak kaa? haiss ~ T^T .I dont know laa i cant understand wHy they say IM LYING .Macam tek Sally online entah sapa laa sorg mamat yaa i cant recognise him , nya pdh Sally tok pembulak xda GEREK .Bahh , bena laa sally xda gerek .Xkan laa Sally mok pdh ada mcm la Sally da grek .Eee , pliss laa dont ever make people feel ANNOYED baa .Mun sally dah padah xda ya ,XDA LAA .Boh la pdh sally tok pembulak .hmm :'( .Who cares when im hurt? .NOBODY will know it :'( .I will think twice if i wanna make desicion or telling someone that i like .Because if dont tell him how i feel , im just scared that he'll find some other girl .haiss ~ i know its such as BAD feelin but im try to be HONEST .But just now, im realize that actually i have to BE A WOMAN A MAN NEEDS but dont be a woman who needs a man .yaa ~ that true .So, just now its better if someone like me, not me like someone coz no want LIKE me at all .and i know it . I've always been afraid of losing people I LOVE.Sometimes I wonder , is there anyone out there afraid to lose me? .hmm ,poor Sally :'( .Im not looking for someone who has everything, but kindaly im looking someone who has time to spend with me more than everything. :') .My cousin told me that they cant live without LOVE .really mehh? for me laa ooh , i think i cant live without OXYGEN cause its more important :') .Well ,all of them has a BF/GF so ,xheran laa cdak padah LOVE yang lebih penting .Sally tok haiss apa jak laa .Sometimes , i never realize how much i like someone until i watch them LIKING someone else .Pity of me .Hmm ~ we're given two hands to hold two legs to walk two eyes to see two ears to listen But why only one HEART? .Because the other was given to someone else for us to find . :') .Lastly , maybe im too late to be your first .but right now ,im preparing myself to be ur last .sunggyu and seungie .Love both of u 3S -SALLYSUNGGYUSEUNGIE ,annyeong ,gudnite :'( .DONE UPDATED .hope u will enjoy it and sorry if all of u will bored read about my blog .

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