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Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Okay, hi guys .My watch shown that 12.30 pm .aigoo ~ its late already .and i hear my neighbour dog's roar accidentally make me SCARED baa .haiss ~*what a stupid dog i will kill u later =="* .Okay nevrmind laa . IMMA A BRAVE girl .yerr ~ Ok .see that picture .Yummy isnt it? .hee ~ my aunt brought it for me .I dont know where she buy it .hee ~ But im not going to tell about food .Tonight im wanna tell somethin bout my feelin .ermm ~ not bad .Im feel happy today .Cause someone make me LAUGH like evil .BWHAHAAHA ~ .Kinda , im satisfy when he told me what he mean by CONGRATZ .Im asking him congratz for what and he said congratz cause im fallin with some else .LOL .its seem that i fallin love with someone else? .*im blurring* .Maybe he read bout my status , maybe laa .i dont know .im just GUESSES .My status was about someone .Actually, It was about him and my lovely SUNGGYU hehek ~ .LOL .why he being so HUMBLE ehh >.< .Sometimes, he make me LAUGH cause of  his HUMBLELICIOUS .He always compare himself with someone that much better than him .aigoo ~ susah2 .But its BETTER being HUMBLE .x SHOW off baa .I like .heehee ~ .Ada org asa dirik HENSEM show off then , asa ARTIST huh ~ watever lah lkie cam yaa .Tapi nya x .Nya HUMBLE .huhu ~ .ehh , i think im gonna off laa .I dont know why my head so DIZZY now  and make want to VOMITING .bluekkk ~ Later , i will continue POST kehh .Bubbye , ILOVEYOU <3

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