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Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Alpha Start with G and End with E .Guess who?

Hi , wow its been aged im not update my blog isnt it? .miss me? .HAHA LOL .Okay ,so tonight i got something to share about .Ermm , the alpha start with G and end with alpha E .Guess who? .Well , maybe all of you wonder and blurring with my blog tittle arent you? .HAHA .Actually , it was Greyson Chance .HEHE :) .As u know , he was my idol and inspiration .Im fallen love with the PIANIST like him .I keep on listening his song and hell yeah i never get bored .Yesterday , my cousin send me a picture of Greyson through email .
So , there was it .Actually i got so many pictures of greyson's but dont worry next time i will publish all of his picture yahh ^^ .I like this picture so freaking much .Look at his face and his smile .He look so adorable .Omg , i just cant imagine if he sit infront me , talk to me , touch my hand and kiss my cheek LOL , what wrong with me HAHA .Im just searching for a boy that just like he .Great smile , joker , cute and can play piano .When i watched him on youtube , sometimes i realize how great he is .I cant stand when i saw his face and his cute laugher .Omg , only God knows everything what i feel toward him .For the short i just can say " im your biggest fan , i follow you until you love me " part of the lyric on Paparazzi song .Kindaly , i just wanna meet him and talk to him or i wanna be his manager , personal assistant or anything else .Haha LOL i know it funny but hell yeah i was dreaming about him when i be his manager .I hope the dream will come true .God willing me .EHE .Actually , there are many things i like about him and why i wanna marry a guy like him , but i got so many to do .Well , i have to finish my work first then , tommorrow night i will continue write about him again okay .BUBBYE . Love GC :) 

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