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Saturday, 2 April 2011

shy boy :|

actually , im like shy boy . because i love to see their face when they shamed .LOL . haha . just like this guy . " Stanley " . he's my bestfrend .he is very2 shy .eventhough that he was very shy boy , but sometimes he is crazy actually . he is kind person , understanding , caring , cuties and im really love him .he call me " Sally " . u wanna know why?? . because same capital letter 'S' .really weirdo person rite?? .hahhaha .

usually , he always make me angry of him . im still remmember when he try to kiss my cheek and embraced me front publish .OMG! . malu sangat2 time tuu baa .>< .all people getting blurring masa tuu .haizzz . :/ .what matters is i know he just kidding and never mean to make me angry . because he understanding baa . :) . every single day he always make me laughing until my faces is pink* .^_^.whhahahhah .all my daily life is happy when im with him!!! . :D


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