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Saturday, 14 May 2011

-Sallybelly world within : I MY ME MINE

hey , getting bored?? . yeah me too . so , waste your time to read about my blogger .
-  this was my boyfrend-
dont try to take him from me.
-he is my second love but me was he first love-
no wonder, but im really proud of him cause im is the one and the first be his gf , 
so it been very2 hard for me to leave him and to be unfaithful . i will never
 doing somthig bad to make him broken heart because he want me to be the best for him .
- girl , dont try to cheat/try my bf please ? .^^,
because i really love him deep inside .
how's your feeling if im try to adjust your bf?? 
u will get mad plus jealous plus upset rite?? 
so , im begging of your please dont disturb us .

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