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Monday, 16 May 2011

Sallyshawtybelly : OH! MY SCHOOL

hi everyone , how's today been up to much?? .
yeah , im more more fine and pretty gud.HOHO
today just wanna make short story .
school ?? .yaa , many people hate about it especially 'student' .
just like me . its been very2 harder for me to wake up early morning .
in that case , it make me sleep at classes .
just look at this picture . it is same as me .
when teacher teach my classmate in front , 
what im do is just put my head down and closed my eye tightly .
hell yeah .HAHA
sometimes , teacher will scold me cause sleep during
their teaching .
actually , more thing that i really hate about school , 
but my eye is heavy already ,
next time i'll be back 
updated my blogger .
see yaa .^^

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