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Saturday, 9 July 2011


Boy ,
i still regret a lot
i wanna turn back time
even if i try to erase your presence
and even your name
i can't forget u

i, who pushed your clinging body away
i, who regretted after sending you away
i miss you miss you

when the time passes ans passees
when the pain becomes a memory
if u can return to me with that
kind of heart that loved me again
im sorry boy  

my mind was blank, i go crazy from the thought of u
no matter how much i call
and call agan u arent here
just me who is crumbling without u is left here

why didnt u get hold of me your back then
looking at myself regretting after sending u away
like this i miss u i need u
stand by me, i cant forget u im swear

                                                -Honestly by-

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